The Ministry of Love’s Guidelines to Avoid Deletion

Did Mark Twain write ‘hate speech’ and would his works be permitted at p.o.d. sites today (like Lulu and Kindle)?

Using the N word qualifies as hate speech today. Lulu has a new user list of rules that can get one banned without compliance. If one must be in agreement with a ministry of love’s lexicon and not use proscribed words to publish, the intent of the word may be less of an issue than the presence of the word at all. If one hates injustice and writes about that- characters in a novel might not be permitted to use realistic speech, the ministry of love’s guidelines may prevail and the book erased from inventory. I belileve this most recent limiting of free speech follows Spotify’s posting of nerw rules because of the Neil Young- Rogaine thing.

So I wrote to the publisher at to ask about it…

Hi- I just signed in to the lulu page and signed a compliance with new criteria thing, yet I wonder how that will affect publishing at security for authors. Can one still use characters with realistic speech an opinions in writing fiction? Must authors screentheir own writing content and take out anything a Ministry of Love corporate guideline would regard as hate language?   Need all characters be in compliance with loving Democrat party people and use their sort of lingo?


                                                                   Gary C Gibson

P.S. I have 41 original works here I believe it is, so am wary about capricious and viscious corproate delettions of content.  





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