A comment of dimensions and branes

A Note on Dimensions and Branes

I thought I would write a note about my current understanding of cosmology concerning a Universe. That is just one Universe at a time and what goes into it rather than multiple Universes concurrently, sequentially or in branches that would seem to complicate the presentation of a description of the basic elements of a simple Universe. My use of terms like branes and membranes may be inexact and/or differ from the usual lexicon meanings of theoretical physics, unsurprisingly to me because I am not a physicist. When for example I try to define the meaning of a dimension as meaning a brane, it is uncertain to me that anyone in the world of theoretical physics would agree in my use of either term. If one has three branes one could use three dimensions then as the principle value for devising math formulae regarding the dimensions of the universe I would think.

What is a brane? The initial size of a brane may be unknown. A brane may not have size until it encounters other brains, or alternatively it might have a finite size implicitly. Where there branes before the time=0 initial moment of the membrane universe? Presumably, although if time is implicit midst interacting branes solely, there may have been no time before time=0. God said ‘Let there be light’ is the most logical explanation for some cause before time existed (He being eternal). Is there an infinite number of branes existing as zero dimension points with standard or different texture/composition implicitly? Can spirit or as Leibniz said, one dimension monads exist apart from God? Theological and cosmological metaphysics can move through a spectral range of speculation easily. It is mathematical physics that need do something with matter and energy rather than leave metaphysics out in the realm of contemplation.

A universe has dimensions and field that interact together creating a concatenated phenomenon that is experienced as a Universe by sentients arising within it. It is worth realizing or regarding a brane as equivalent to a dimension, and stipulate that a brane may have unlimited size as a vector. Three branes interacting together would be a three dimensional membrane and the motion of each brane initially before time equal zero at the beginning of the membrane would determine the direction of time. Time is an apparent phenomenon that is implicit in the passage of a membrane through another. Each point in time is a point in the membrane comprised of the concatenation of branes.

I suppose it is theoretically possible that the increased rate of expansion of the Universe shortly after its start was caused by the introduction of another brane to the membrane. I don’t believe that it is reasonable to infer much about the size of branes prior to their concatenated state as a membrane by the time that passed from the Big Bang to the end of the inflaton. It is interesting to consider though for one has difficulty in thinking about branes-for-themselves or branes-in-themselves. If branes are singularities what are they made of and where are they before encountering others to make up a membrane-universe. The ancillary question arises; how do things occur in time before time or motion exists?

Branes could be compared to those glass slide rectangles of glass one places under a microscope lenses in a metaphor or analogy- since they are maybe zero or one-dimensional in-themselves. Dimension branes would be somewhat ghostly or permeable to other branes and could pass through other slides branes they encounter. Branes may have a charge or not. A charge might just be a brane structure/composition orientation. If two interacting branes were the Big Bang then a third brane arriving shortly thereafter was the inflaton continuing inflation until normalized interacting with the other two branes. If the Universe membrane began expanding faster after seven billion years maybe the branes had passed some balancing position / point of no return between them, letting them move away faster with less restraint or drag from each other. There may be no limit to the number of characteristics or qualities one could make up concerning branes and brain relationships in a membrane including how they pass through one another or encounter one another or how their fields interact with one another or if branes increase themselves in dimensions adding to themselves the dimensions of other branes so that an initial zero-dimension or one dimension brane becomes a two-dimension or three dimension brane etc.

Branes are perhaps equivalent to fields, A lecturer in physics answered a question about how zero-dimension points can exist, and if I recall correctly the reply was something to the effect that there are no intervals on a line (or vector), and so a point might have being in one dimension yet have no existence in other dimensions. Logically one could extrapolate that a one dimensional brane could be monistic and of any texture; even spirit, and yet have no existence in any other dimension until it interacts with other branes as a membrane-universe.

I wondered how fields that are equivalent to branes could allow contingent particles to exist like those present in the standard model of physics, yet the presence of a Higgs field to slow down massless particles and differentiate them in the process from massless particles thus yielding an appearance of mass with all of the energy and spin characteristic of sub-atomic particles and fields acting upon or among them seems natural enough. I of course wouldn’t be too technical on any of this; just consider part of the picture briefly and well enough to make a note about the paradigm of branes, dimensions and membranes.

If the Universe has just three dimensions the fourth dimension may be time, yet it may not. Instead it is just the change of location of the branes and contingent fields, energy and mass of them within the membrane universe. Dark energy and dark mass could obviously have innumerable explanations, and I believe that one paradigm to account for them could be presently unknown characteristics of branes interacting together in the membrane. That is so obvious that I suppose I shouldn’t bother to mention that, yet not being a physicist nothing for me concerning cosmology is too obvious or beneath value to consider.

Sure there may be countless branes in the thing that is contains branes and membrane-universes. If time is an intrinsic phenomenon of motion between brane interacting (and branes could interact in numerous ways according to their qualities, polarization(s) and inertial characteristics) then I don’t know why one should feel free to find some sort of time branch for a Multiverse that branches infinitely as if it were every possible number along a line of rational numbers that branches from each point in every vector-brane-dimension infinitely {that would also seem to require that branes act as membranes-in-themselves}). I am not saying that a time or sequence branching Multiverse with explicit and implicit time that inherently violates principles of relativity isn’t possible, or that a Multiverse with a set of force values comparable paradigmatically with the present universe being the basis for a Multiverse isn’t possible, I am simply considering the possible paradigm of a level four Multiverse in just one membrane-Universe in regard to time as motion; with the primary difference being that instead of sentient experience moving through a static membrane in a Everettian paradigm of all possible Universes already existing and mind experience switches through them to satisfy criteria of Schrodinger’s wave function, time actually occurs to an observer located anywhere in the 3-brane membrane universe as change.





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