Imported cheap labor; a form of human trafficking

Humans shouldn’t need to journey to foreign countries to find a job. Neither should citizens of a nation or state be bumped from a job or not be able to find a job because of the availability of cheap foreign labor for corporate employers to exploit. Labor trafficking may be one form of human trafficking that usually escapes notice. There are perhaps numerous forms of human trafficking ossified as establishment norms. President Biden may have notice that the labor market is comparatively tight in the U.S. presently. A war in Ukraine stimulates demand for Ukrainians to find good-paying (compared to Ukraine wages) in the U.S. President Biden decided to take in 100,000 Ukrainian ‘refugees) dislocated by war. Senator Graham of South Carolina, whom has championed arms shipments to Ukraine to protract the war that is useful for clearing out arms inventories in the U.S., is from a state that continuously airlifted military supplies from Charleston area airfields during the Iran and Afghanistan wars. Southern arms manufacturers and delivery airlifts may be humming again during a protracted conflict in southern Europe. There is a difference between refugee streams caused by natural disasters and refugees streams caused by human political and economic policies.  U.S. chief executive attitude toward Russia since 1994 was not one of genius at finding peaceful economic relations with liberty and justice for all Ukrainian stakeholders. if Russian tsars had not referred to the region as the borderland (Ukraine) and had instead referred to it as South Russia modern U.S. Presidents would have found the art of painting nation-building by the numbers not as challenging to rightly interpret. The war was a disaster for all except  perhaps for those that profit from cheap human labor trafficked internationally.

I know this post may sound somewhat harsh to some people. Consider this; if the United States were in the midst of political reform like that of the French revolution now, at the conclusion the rich would have a greatly increased portion of the national income. The American electorate has been divided into partisan red and blue branches fighting over social issues including race and gender, instead of non-partisan economics concerning allocation of national income. Fundamentally there is a profound lack of intellect leading the Democrat Party. As partisan patches on portions of the economy to advantage some people are applied, objective approaches to just fixing non-discriminatory entire economic classes and categories regardless of race or gender are ignored so the rich win and actually improve their position during the polemical era of Democrat party reforms.

Human labor trafficking today is not so different from the way it was in the U.S. in the 1800s when thousands of Chinese workers were imported to build railroads and deported when done. Obviously none had U.S. government provided medical coverage. That historical phenomenon is usually regarded as an example of white racism in error; it was an example of human labor trafficking by American and possibly British capitalists. I would think that slavery in the United States followed by southern conflict labor until the 1930s and later the Bracero program and illegal alien migrant labor comprised a continuum of cheap labor for domestic capitalists. Today that form of human trafficking of labor over international borders is done under the rubric of ‘globalism’. It would be better if businesses relocated rather than labor, for when the labor wages rise without concern for the subversion of imported traffic labor, business can relocate to new nations with cheaper labor until zulu wages rise. In that way life should become progressively better globally. Nations with the most efficient production will export to those affluent nations that are consumers creating a balance that slowly reverses and the cycle continues around nations between production, consumption, wages, real estate values and profit if corporations don’t avoid paying fair tax rates and wealth isn’t so concentrated and protected internationally that politicians become sycophantic minions of global plutocrats and oligarchs.

Development of technical sophistication in economics through free enterprise need guard against international trafficking of human labor lest the advantages of a capitalist, free enterprise system to ordinary people be negated. Global free enterprise should occur with labor secure in nations. Whenever manufactured crises result in economic slumps it is concentrated wealth that buys up distressed properties. When national labor values are subverted via human trafficking a global race to the bottom results with concentrated wealth and a planetary proletariat with approximately equal standard of living fighting among itself at the other end of a bifurcated spectrum.

  I should note that capitalism differs from free enterprise. In the Atlas Shrugged/Ayn Rand paradigm they are virtually the same and the capitalist whom is a hard-working, inventive individualist is opposed by legions of parasitical mob workers seeking to expropriate the fruits of capitalism for-themselves. Capital may be had and increased by anyone through almost any means though, unlike free enterprising, inventive individuals and small businesses. Criminals for instance may build up capital through theft. Since crimes are defined by government policy, when capitalists run governments capitalist crimes may occur systemically. The felony edge that allows unfair competition in an evolutionary economy may become collusive, mass felony capitalist behavior without defining themselves as being legal felons. The label of felon would be reserved and applied non-wealth class behaviors. If capitalism isn’t well-regulated a large set of criminal behaviors by capitalists will not only be uncorrected, they will be regarded by minions as virtuous. Society will suffer for that and develop along dis-optimal lines with free enterprise becoming expropriated unto uncreative ad hoc neo-collective capitalists in organized capitalist crime. 

With crime being defined by the ruling class, criminal collective felonies by the ruling class on the masses may continue for some time. A democracy may react to capitalist crimes first by individuals and then by majority sentiment eventually promulgating new regulations  to limit the felony exploitation that in turn may be rolled back by political partisans. By that time though, the ruling classes usually has evolved into a new form of exploitative felony behavior to supplant the old. 

Because ex post facto laws are disallowed in modern democracies (although litigants may pursue civil monetary reparations usually without luck), felony capitalists are comparable to creators of designer drugs that can stay a step ahead of regal recognition of laws by producing new designer drugs to replace those outlawed in continuing legal/illegal synthetic dialectics. Global capitalist investors often use quantum computing to skim wealth off the top of planetary human business resources. The dialectical evolution of capitalist crimes is a process of thesis/anti-thesis/synthesis progression paralleled in politics by the rise of a repressive, exploitative, non-creative, exploitative class of capitalist sycophants to the top reinforcing its own agenda and narrative.

Even communists had greatly intelligent and creative individuals working for them that in an American system might have their invention rights taken by the corporation they work for.

The Ukrainian war exposed an example of variation of human labor trafficking recently on the morning it was announced the U.S. made a sale of vast quantities of liquefied natural gas to the European Union. Senator Lisa Murkowsky (Rino- Alaska) let slip that 2200 Ukrainians work in seafood processing plant in the state as she sought to ban Russian sea-foods from Alaska (there are Russian sea-foods in Alaska?). If procurers of imported labor argue that there aren’t enough Americans to do the work (because the wages paid are quite low), I would reply that they should bite it as the fishing presently is bad and might improve if fewer fish were caught with work supply equalizing with higher wage labor supply. There is a paucity of large salmon in the waters of Alaska these days so bad that subsistence fishing itself is sometimes curtailed. Chinook isn’t skookum no more.

I was somewhat miffed to learn that the state trafficked cheap human labor here while I could not get hired to a seafood processing plant myself in the winter of 2010-2011. Instead I slept on the ground in Anchorage with the temperature zero Fahrenheit for months unable to get hired. That winter then mayor, now U.S. Senator Sullivan made camping in Anchorage parks illegal without providing reasonable alternative places to survive the winter. Hostility with Russia, protracted war in Ukraine and trafficking human labor are probable more to the liking of the Marine reserve officer than peace, prosperity and egalitarian democracy with caps on human labor trafficking and the number of corporations an individual may invest in at one time to three.

 I don’t own a seafood processing plant myself so getting cheap foreign labor to work there has no value to me at all. In fact it has negative value. Supply and demand works in labor too, as well as sales,. Availability of cheap foreign labor means that corporate employers and political procurers can exploit foreign workers and domestic to the maximum extent employers desire. They need not make accommodations for domestic workers to do heavy lifting for example through the intelligent use of wheeled carts or other mechanical equipment. Instead they can use cheap human labor that is essentially disposable and keep the cost of labor down. Instead of preventing injury or unemployment to U.S. citizen workers and paying a livable wage, employers throw in disposable workers at lower wages than Americans could work for and afford housing.

There is a simple injury method that can readily be fixed by anyone with a brain if it were of value to do so. I injured my lower back this way myself long ago and suffered a life-long problem when needing again to work jobs that required males to do heavy lifting. It is very simple. I lifted 80lb. Bags of potatoes from one table unto a shoulder and carried them across a space to a conveyor belt. In a few hours the uneven lift on one shoulder caused a vertebra/disc injury. I weighed 160 lbs at the time so I was lifting half my weight and one side of the vertebra/disc was crushed in comparison to the other side. 

I saw another tall, thin yet strong fellow injury the same way moving heavy fish boxes of about 80 lbs from a table to a cart a few feet away. The uneven lifting, turning and twisting motion caused him to wince by the end of a couple of days, The role could easily have been dampened with the intelligent use of an adjustable height wheeled cart. Disposable labor may have trouble getting medial treatment for lower back injuries and usually walk off with them, exacerbating them over a period of years. Trafficked labor may fear reporting injuries too, as they may be banned from hire next year.  Like older Americans that cannot afford to pay $230 per month for Medicare coverage of injuries or illness and for whom Obamacare coverage costs twice as much as their monthly income, imported  seafood workers may not qualify for be able to afford any sort of Obamacare Medicaid or Medicare coverage. Trafficked labor is cheaper than healthy U.S. labor.

Labor in Alaska seafood processing is cheap (though some crab meat sells for $10 a pound and one can take in $850 dollars in one crab pot with 80 pounds of crab for example). Political procurers and human labor traffickers can always get more. Human labor trafficking is a corrupt establishment defended by corporate and publicly financed broadcast media. The war in Ukraine will provide cheap units for human labor traffickers that U.S. and International corporations can exploit 





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