The Corporatist-Axis-Warsaw Pact N.A.T.O. Dream Team

The betrayal of peace making that ended the Cold War evolved a corporatist-fascist dream team to the west with everything beside a General Westmoreland to lead its on the spot field work. When Russia let down its guard following President Reagan’s peace overtures and decided to join with the west in a peaceful merger of free enterprise it not only relinquished whatever security there is in communism for ordinary people, it exposed itself to the military power of the west. I believe no one then envisioned a future in thirty years where Russia would be the economic target and political pariah to a corporatist dream team driving history to the precipice of nuclear war in a quest evolve a plutocratic, atheist, queer world order.

The west did work rather well with Russia and the former Soviet Republics until the Clinton administration in some way arranged with President Yeltsin and Prime Minister Major for Russia to give up the Ukraine in 1994. Instead of electing an experienced President in 1994 the U.S.A. elevated a freshman team with experience only in Arkansas and England’s Oxford University where Bill Clinton was an alumnus. That was a team full of itself, British Thermal Units and hubris seizing the day to wrest Ukraine away to the west and build up N.A.T.O. to defend the new state of affairs over time. They saw a weak Russia that needed time to build a free enterprise infrastructure and government. It was a time where Federal Reserve Director Allan Greenspan commented on the ‘irrational exuberance’ of a market that was beginning a great upward expansion investing in the world without Soviet Union to get in its way, with limitless cheap labor and new markets to invest in or exploit. Taking Ukraine without any concern for Russian sentiment was a carpet bagger’s gimme put.

The former Warsaw pact nations were largely flipped to join N.A.T.O. evolving a super-team of militarization to the world such as had never existed before. Rather than developing the world through peace, the former Axis powers, the former Warsaw Pact members, the United States and Britain chose belligerency and non-neutrality to align itself against Russia. What could be taken through pressure and force was preferred to the peace road to social and economic development that appeared to be the way when President Reagan’s request to President Gorbachev to ‘tear down this wall’ was fulfilled. Russia that experienced 20 million dead during the Second world war from the Nazi invasion and Operation Typhoon now faces the prospect of a Super Fascist Team on its borders. Could its leaders trust the west again as in Dec. 1989 and withdraw military forces homeward and let down its guard to try a peaceful approach?

I enjoy considering the state of world civilization and its leading U.S.-Euro branch within Toynbee’s paradigm of historical cycles occasionally. My guess is that if the western branch of world civilization is successful at suborning Russia and then China it will have achieved the climactic universal phase of civilization that is its final phase. Toynbee’s paradigm has an external proletariat merging with internal proletarians and others resentful of the repressive minority (plutocrats and affiliated minions of the west) to subvert and put down the former civilization. Decadence accelerates the fall. Because Russians and Chinese would be added to the global population of those resentful of the United States and Europe, the total could be substantial. If the overthrow was peaceful (however unlikely that might be), perhaps the Eastern branch would dominate the new leadership of world civilization for a time. Picking horses to bet on at that point to win, place, or show is kinda tough.

Russia did use military power to attempt to retake its former homeland Ukraine. The dream team added a constellation of new economic sanctions in response and gave Ukraine a billion dollars of high tech weapons from its vast stockpile of conventional weapons to defrappe the Russian incursion. China was warned not to help Russia yet appeared recalcitrant. Chinese leaders may feel that Russia and Russian natural resources and technical excellence at military equipment and space technology design may be its best chance to survive as an independent nation not subject to the corporatist-plutocratic powers that dominate development of the nominally democratic west.





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