California Reparations P.R. Stunt

 California’s legislature has considered paying reparations to descendents of former slaves. I wonder if it is a P.R. stunt since California didn’t have black slaves before 1863 so dar as I know. It did enslave some native Americans and maybe their ancestors are the intended beneficiaries.

 I am fairly sure that California doesn’t intent to pay reparations to descendents of all of the millions of slaves of the slave states wheresoever they may be, and providing money to any slave’s descendants that migrates to California to live would be generous yet improbable. 

 Some Democrat party p.r. moves are intended to assure re-election camapigns and federal pork by appealing to constituents. Getting rid of Justice Clarence Thomas seems a present priority as the party would like Pres. Biden to appoint another extreme leftist-corporatist judge to SCOTUS.





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