Democrats and Ukraine


U.S. Democrats seem to be the primary financially belligerent party of the Ukraine conflict to match Russia. Democrats apparently haven’t a clue about why influential Russians have a disagreeable position to their own, so I will again try to interpret for them, as one would need to interpret verbal speech to the deaf, or sign language to the blind. Presently the U.S. President is piling on war crimes charges against Mr. Putin, so Democrats haven’t yet reached an understanding or deescalating phase regarding the Cold War. They have ramped up eternal recurrence of Cold War, beyond questions of good or evil, evolution is on our side, Putin the brutal bully must go, Russia retreat and transgenderize itself Zarathustran mime-set.

Democrats are so far to the right that Joe Biden’s re-election committee could be expected to use Nuclear War in 24; re-elect the President as a campaign slogan. Apparently President Clinton choose to exploit the weakness of Russia at the end of the Cold War and snatch Ukraine to the west. Russia was effectively without leadership at the time when President Yeltsin of the Soviet Union relinquished Ukraine in a paper with Bill Clinton and British P.M. Major. Because nations and people have longer memories than 30 years, the decision to wrest Ukraine entirely away from Russia wasn’t sound. The problem is that fake patriots seek to avoid peace and prosperity for all unless it’s got through force. Democrats subvert U.S. national interests and call that patriotism because they are not bright enough to form political economy beyond subjective, existential desire.

In my opinion President Reagan was inspired by God to end the Cold War, and following that effort with the withdrawal of Soviet forces from East Germany in December 1989 and the election of President George Bush 1 whom more or less followed up R.R.’s peace policy without exploiting Russia or taking advantage of the circumstance like carpet-bagger politicians would, President Clinton was elected as the pick of media litter bringing hubris and expansion to Wall Street and leftist-corporatist, British causes.

With Mr. Clinton, Russians could bite it , Ukraine belong to the west and American religious cultists burn alive. Thus began a long term Democrat party build up to tighten Ukrainian forces and European hegemony eastward that shattered the Reagan/Bush I policy of peaceful , profitable co-existence with Russia. The business, peace and optimism sense of President Reagan was replaced by treacherous legalists carving out wealth from the body of humanity. Let me make one thing perfectly clear; I am not saying that President Clinton was especially wicked, stole the Ukraine like Molotov for the Kaiser or levered President Yeltsin into submission with the rain of cruise missiles on Serbia. My opinion is that the policy was blunder.

Humans, including politicians I suppose, can blunder. What concerns me is that Democrats doubled and tripled down on the blunder and don’t acknowledge making it, as if they had political Papal infallibility in starting or supporting most wars the United States has engaged in since 1860. The purpose of the U.S. entry into the Serbian conflict was to put out a destabilizing political fire in Europe so post-Cold War peace could develop. I had no idea of the perfidious nature of high-level restructuring of the former Soviet union occurring in 1994 or that the seeds of a future war were being sewn by the west. The effort to reinforce peace and prosperity in one locale was simultaneously being subtly flanked in another by the west’s leadership lusting after low-hanging fruit.

In my opinion a free enterprise oriented Russian ally was best for U.S. national interest. Free societies without over-weaning Orwellian force allow a free marketplace of ideas to flourish and select best political developments, quite unlike that of the United States today. With far right wishes to take everything through force and consolidate wealth and far left wishes to establish a dictatorship of the proletariat, free individualism is repressed in U.S. social media if not extirpated. The far left and right take different roads to arrive at the same destination of authoritarian over legions of mindless, hop-head minions.

The Ukraine was Russian for nearly a thousand years. Then Communists overthrew the Tsar with German helping (ping) Lenin sending him to Russia ab aboard a sealed train, and Lenin gave part of Ukraine to Germany in exchange for an end to the German war on Russia. Later, Stalin retook all of Ukraine in the process of rolling up the Nazis, honorably more or less.

When the Soviet Union ended the Ukraine should have returned to Russia, I guess, would be the conservative point of view. Instead President Yeltsin ended the Soviet Union and with the N.A.T.O. bombardment of Serbia in mind, like Lenin, gave Ukraine away. It went to the west as an independent country when he signed a paper with President Bill Clinton. The foundation of future conflict was cast. Conservative Russians were destined to try to recover their lost ancestral homeland. Now the Democrat Party seeks to make Russia an isolated nuclear power like North Korea, and that is a dangerous alternative line of development to peaceful, free enterprise based cultural integration. The irony is that in filching Ukraine to the west, the profit and stability for the west would be far less than it would have been if the forceful, alienating, belligerent line of development was eschewed.

To build a free Russia working in partnership with Europe and the United States it was necessary that Russian interests in the Ukraine and Crimean Peninsula were respected (they weren’t). Taking the Crimea from Russia was an unthinkable mistake since it was Muscovite’s winter and holiday resort more than two-hundred years. If after the collapse of the dollar, national bankruptcy and reorganization, Joe Biden signed an agreement with Justin Trudeau to relinquish Florida to Independence that became flooded with Canadians who sought to join Canada and rename the U.S.A. the Knighthood States of Loyal Minions,would northerners of the Knighthood States be down with that?

When the Russian military recaptured the Crimea the Democrat Party began a deep and lasting regime of sanctions on Russia, developing enmity that emerged as hatred for President Donald Trump’s alleged associations with Russia while Vice-President Biden’s son was on a Ukrainian payroll in a job he had no experience paid $10,000 a month. The Democrat party conducted a witch hunt to enfilade the hidden collusion of Russia to elect President Trump that lasted the entire Trump presidency.

Reigniting the Cold War for the modern era seems nearly insane policy the Democrat party and supporting Republicans have taken to heart in outdoing themselves to pile more hate on Russia and supply more weapons to Ukraine. Recent discoveries of potential war crimes victims around Kiev threw more accelerants on the fire of Democrat Party hate of Russia. Politicians ought to wait for actual material and credible evidence through quality, objective investigation for each individual that may have been a victim of particular crimes by particular individuals to form an opinion rather than lump phenomena into a generality of actionable condemnation.

Possible war crimes should be considered impartially after the war, rather than during it when the possibility is used to justify increased investment in supplying weapons of war, unless perhaps, the war crimes are so broad and indisputable that response is necessary to prevent further war crimes. Human nature tends to distribute war crimes equally I would think, rather than to just one side of a conflict. Clean coal and clean war may be pejorative propaganda. It is possible that executed civilians were illegal combatants attacking Russian soldiers without wearing uniforms an d they were given field expedient summary judgment ts with on-the-spot execution of judgment. At any rate, was POTUS guilty of war crimes because of the My Lai massacre directed by one Army Lt? Or was that explained away as a delegation of authority event perpetrated by one officer and subordinates in the AmeriCal division on a Vietnamese village civil populace? Polemics and prejudice join war time propaganda sometimes to malinterpret facts to one side’s political advantage. Truth it is said, is the first casualty of war.

One author of war technicalities whom was required reading at a U.S. military academy (Van Creveld) said that irregular military commit the most war crimes because they are undisciplined and without unit traditions. Ukraine with a large percent of irregular forces and even foreign fighters fits that paradigm rather well, as may some Russian units. Ukrainian forces may have killed suspected Russian sympathizers after capturing and binding their wrists if they were forced to withdraw suddenly under fire. There are any number of possible explanations besides that of Russian forces slaughtering Ukrainians, although that too may have occurred. It is even possible that Isis and Al Qaeda volunteers training in Ukraine killing Russians with U.S. weapons killed a few people for sport before taking their valuable stinger and javelin missiles back to slums in France- who can say. Fitting every thing that occurs into a preferred narrative isn’t the best way to discover the truth of matters.






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  1. alphaandomega21 Avatar

    Dear Gary

    Many thanks for your post. As regards civilians deaths it could well be that the whole scenario was staged with actors. Given the whole Ukraine business was a rather convenient way of distracting from all the other matters going on including vaccine harm and deaths, one should not be surprised.

    OF course spending large amounts of money on arms will make the arms manufactures very happy, a very large number of whom are in the USA.

    If you are at all interested I did my own post on the Ukraine. I consider the whole thing as political theatre, so I have treated the article as if describing a pantomime.

    Put In Boots – the UKraine Panto

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson
    Please excuse the nom-de-plume, this is as much for fun as a riddle for people to solve if they wish.


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