Kaedmon’s Sprung Ozcar (poem)

Thirty winks
eschew broadcast union plinks
defrappe a feud dollars more
with gall to skid news brinks

Apposite spin
construct something to begin
faithless opposites digz games
subtletract names for easy wins

War, the fountain of youth
of political lies
flows few drops of truth
‘neath layered bridge-spans of sighs

Tragic jokes of hair loss aside
toss fate if spring is late or fried
winter baldness never ends
nor violent comedy broken hearts fend

Army archaeology expeditions start
drift mining to recover lost quarkins history
war lunches a thousand hips and parts
where intellaphobic peace time is mystery

Silent spring slaps down birdsong
the one of hot asphalt, craters wit herd bongs
budding leaves of crenelated rime
black liquor paper-pond shine.





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