A Note on Cold War 2.0

The Biden administration’s Cold War 2.0 strategy apparently includes a time paradigm lasting a decade, and with sanctions on Russia continuing after some sort of conflict saturation stability and political division demarcation lines mature in Ukraine. Some U.S. political partisan tacticians have mentioned a decade of Cold War 2.0 ahead.

So I wonder about North Korea and its missile and nuclear weapons development continuing during Cold War 2.0. until it has perhaps 1000 nuclear warheads with sufficient missiles to join the ranks of nations able to incinerate the United States. In a decade Iran too should have developed an off-the-shelf missile program able to reach Europe and the United States with nuclear warheads when those finally appear in their inventory. Russia and China are likely to upgrade their nuclear arsenals, super-cavitation torpedoes with nuclear warheads, hyper-ballistic missiles with nukes and stealthy drones with tactical nuclear weapons. With a hostile relationship with Russia and a frosty one with China I fail to see where U.S. national security would be improved since the end of Cold War 1.0 when the movement was toward inclusion rather than exclusion.

In my opinion reaching a stable and permanent East and West Ukraine configuration ending sanctions on Russia ought to be prioritized in order to move in a positive direction toward an undivided free market economic amicability for the planet. Unlike Cold War 1.0, Cold War 2.0 hasn’t a communist vs free enterprise foundation as Russia and China moved toward free market economics quite substantially. Claiming that the issue is nothing more than authoritarianism vs democracy is quite disingenuous for a number of reasons including yet not limited to the rise of corporatism and demographic facts of life. At some point competence in the U.S. government would be useful, especially if it included people with comprehension of environmental economics, the academic disciple.

The west lacks the moral footings it had that brought support to its side in Cold War 1.0. That is, the west has become the godless entity itself seeking to impose Darwinian evolutionary cultural values on the world, rather than being a nation with leadership like Ronald Reagan’s respectful of God, freedom of worship an family. That is a very large change- since most of the people of the world have some degree of belief in God instead of belief in godlessness with its amoral evolutionary stratagems of personal egoism, avarice and advantage to the end of concentrating wealth and power.





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