President Biden wants another 33 Billion for Ukraine

 The President’s request for 33 billion dollars in war money for Ukraine is just about crazy. Buying everything including victory in restarting Cold War v 2.0 and charging it sim ply isn’t responsible government. Spending 33 billion on a lunar base, or providing 33 billion for small checks to homeless people, spending 33 billion on a project to reduce the cost of EVs from the GM Hummer EV’s  $109,000.000 to something the poor could afford; maybe a soap box derby style EV for urban transport in special lanes for very light vehicles, might be a good enough reason to pile up more national debt. Funding a foreign war that rightly should have been avoided with competent government from Democrats for a change as if that were possible, is wrong.

 Ukraine’s investment in Hunter Biden really is paying off.

The first quarter of this year was one of recession (1.4%).  Dividing the world along Cold War 2.0 lines is harmful to the economy, implicitly has potential to stimulate the collapse of the dollar as investors perceive better growth prospects in Asia, and that threatens social security that is barely enough for some to afford food at inflated prices and a fair tent and bed roll for homeless winters. Stimulating intelligent ecospherically green growth is more important than making protracted war in Europe or forcing a nuclear conflict.

I have a different point of view about the administration’s investment in Ukraine; I beliueve the Democrat Presidents since Bill Clinton are the aggressors that victimized Russia to steal Ukraine in 1994 after President Bush 41 eschewed doing that. Thus the Ukraine conflict is about Democrats trying to reward aggressors (themselves) by keeping 100% of Ukraine from its historically legitimate owners – Russia. The conflict should and could be settled asap without leaving anyone besides the physical casualties inhumanly worse off.

 Russia presently has a pretty good chunk of useful waterfront property and farmland in south and east Ukraine that it could keep in return for a lasting peace and an end to sanctions by the administration. Then world business could try to return to normal and Europe could get its natural gas and learn to recognize historical Russia. I believe Russia should stay out of Moldavia and at most advance no farther than its border where it could have an informal aqmicable and supportive relation with ethnic Russians and others.

President Biden is a litigious, combative lawyer perfectly willing to fund a war to reinforce the aggression of cutting out Russia 100% from Ukraine as some sort of a Cold War victory celebration for the west that Republicans were not rash enough, nor ignorant enough to take. President Bush 41 might have known that taking Ukraine while Russia was very weak would make a future war to take it back inevitable, while the Democrat lawyers would have been clueless or willing enough to spenbd lives and treasure to expand the global reach of their power.

Russia ought to be satisfied with its present area of recover and agree to end the war and sanctions in-place if the U.S. Congress can pressure the President into making peace rather than war. The world has too many serious problems presently to continue a renewed hot conflict and protracted Cold War 2.0. Someone should regenerate some brain cells and get out of the bureaucratic- lawyer loopiness of battle.





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