The Magic Kingdom’s Soverign Mickey Mouse Tax Authority

 Learning that Florida’s Disney-world was established as a kind of semi-sovereign governing authority in Florida several decades ago provided the remarkable information that Mickey Mouse was able to tax those within its demesne. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis moved to take away the sovereign powers of Disney-world and that may throw Mickey unto hard times or worse, life as a commoner.

 Government usually is regarded as the sole authority able to legally tax subjects or pile up trillions of dollars of debt. Mickey apparently was the exception to that with a sort of royal prerogative to put its will-to-power into action for-itself. Corporatism is the present form of government in the United States; democracy is its front for plausible deniability, yet the plain power of Mickey Mouse to tax or run private prisons, censor dissident expression to its jungle theme park rides or provide unequal access to those wishing to climb the mountain to see the promised land made one pause to consider all things. The revelation for a moment brought sunshine to the dark cave where Mickey, Goofy, Snow White and the gang of dwarves gang live when not taking a break in Havana. People could plainly see the power rodent super-heroes have over the masses.

 One wonders if Mickey will take over operations of Guantanamo Bay to reeducate dissidents to its social media, search engine listings and defense policies or if President Biden will have a seat at the table, become a stake-holder or receive an appointment as master of cliches.





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