What the New World Order will Be Like After Nuclear War

President Biden seems to have locked up peace and thrown away the key. He is an insider party bureaucratic lawyer risen to the top; the Presidency of the United States. In a job that should have something of a philosopher king in it there is a partisan lawyer pursuing party interests. The party’s narrow self interests don’t coincide with public interests on many points including global economic and political management.

Democrats since 2000 have used maximum force to have their way in politics. There isn’t much reason to believe they won’t continue that habit with Russia in regard to Ukraine. For Democrats, force is the only way. They may believe that nuclear war is unthinkable so they can be like bully’s on the beach adding turf and kicking sand in Russia’s face without danger. Keeping turf on the beach may be inappropriate if a tidal wave is out there beyond the horizon. Nuclear war is a kind of tidal wave created when the stupid aren’t reasonable. President Truman; a Democrat, used nuclear war before so President Biden has a good example. To keep control of Ukraine getting half the world obliterated would be justified, he may think (or not). ‘Not a problem though, Democrats would have enough force to win even with MAD nuclear criteria fully implemented’.

If Democrat Party leadership is successful at driving Russia toward nuclear war as it seeks a remedy to conflict disadvantages, what would the world political order look like afterwards? Before answering that question I should write a little about what became of the New World Order that President Bush 41 invented for a term describing the end of Cold War 1.0.

The end of Cold War 1.0 brought by Presidents Reagan and Gorbachev was supposed to be a new age of peace and mutual prosperity. The communist, Soviet evil empire was rusting and the people of the empire looked toward the advantages, Levis, new cars and glitter of the west in hope of prosperity and a better life. Sentiments in the final stages of the Soviet Union supported drawing closer to the west and when President Reagan went to the divided Berlin and said; “President Gorbachev, tear down this wall” the die was cast. A methodical dismantling of the evil empire developed rather swiftly from within. In December 1989 Soviet military forces were withdrawn from East Germany.

President Reagan’s vision of a peaceful Europe working with Russia harmoniously in a free enterprise economy wasn’t easy to mature. The United States sent advisers to Moscow to help theoretically restructure their state-owned economy to one of free enterprise and capitalism yet that wasn’t an easy process. How for instance could one fairly reapportion capital to the masses in a fair way? The economic infrastructure for free enterprise support was lacking and wealth tended to be just taken by mafias and proton-oligarchs. It would take more than a decade for taxes to be made and collected on the emerging corporate Russia and the political structures of the country were simply non-existent outside the former communist template. Boris Yeltsin created a constitution for the New Russia and appointed a successor Vladimir Putin to make it all happen. Putin is something like the George Washington and Thomas Jefferson of the new Russia, and a Boris Godunov at that.

Democrats were not aboard the Reagan-Gorbachev peace bus. They didn’t get the memo about quitting the N.A.T.O. vs. Russia paradigm and just working together in free enterprise. Instead that old statecraft tug-of-war emerged with the stronger state taking from the weaker sissy state. The C.I.S. – Community of Independent States – was formed. That then broke up with Ukraine being severed from ties to Russia.

President Bill Clinton through some means got Boris Yeltsin to agree to let Ukraine become an independent nation in an act of hubris and historical ignorance that set a time bomb for abortion post Cold War 1.0. peace. Although it would take thirty years for the severance of Ukraine from its historical owner- Russia to lead past Cold War 2.0 to use hot war to recover Ukraine when it was strong enough (or believed it was), the time matured . Democrat party rhetoric and hatred of Russia to support the original sin of stealing all of the Ukraine for the west grew so extreme that one wouldn’t be surprised if Joe Biden said that the only good Russian is a dead Russian, for that is the attitude of the Democrat Party concerning Russian interests in Ukraine.

That sketch aside, now we can move toward consideration of what a new world order, following the abortion of the post Cold War 1.0 world order, might be.

Russia has responded to escalating western military support for Ukraine and sanctions on Russia with chemical weapons. The west responds. A nuclear power plant or two in Ukraine are destroyed. President Biden decides to send a missiles strike with chemical weapons to Moscow. President Putin decides to nuke London, Boston, San Francisco and D.C. rather heavily. Russia has a couple thousand more nukes than the U.S.A. so it can afford to saturate nuke D.C. to overwhelm anti-ballistic missile defenses. The U.S.A. responds with a limited nuclear attack vaporizing Moscow and a few other cities west of the Urals. The war is basically over and both sides return to their doghouses to lick their wounds.

The New World Order then is China and the healthy 60% of Russia in Siberia being leader of the world economically. Europe will have problems; the United States will still have N.P.R., and getting crops in and infrastructure sufficient to prevent mass starvation before winter will require much work, N.P.R. will help providing moral support for post-nuke war Democrats with zinging reports and emotional stories, China will be able to lead the world reconstruction lending engineers though not much financial assistance. Europe will be able to rebuild though it will remain downwind of hot nuclear plants they will need to cap themselves. The United States without much of the east coast working anymore, will militarize its southern border to prevent predatory migrations and look inward for some time. With a mostly intake nuclear infrastructure it will be somewhat like Russia was during Cold War 2.0. Diminished economically it will still survive and then a choice will present to work with China or not, as China will have Russia as a junior partner because of its resources.

The U.S.A. probably will choose to work with China and allow free trade, and try to rebuild. The U.S. Democrat party would no longer exist.





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