Worst Case Democrats and Nuclear Options

Democrat Party history indicates they will find a way to develop/advance the worst case use of force in Ukraine. The Democrat Party became one of pure force after the bruising 2001 Presidential election loss. Their willingness to escalate the Ukraine tug-of-war is predictable. As in domestic politics the Democrat Party leadership uses force whenever lesser means won’t accomplish their goals without looking for intelligent alternatives. Force brings its own rationale and is the ultimate reason for Democratic lawyer Presidents domestically and internationally.

Democrats utilize the nuclear option in Congress when it feels good. It is quite possible that nuclear war may be the light at the end of the tunnel in Ukraine too. With President Joe Biden’s son being on Ukraine’s payroll for $10,000 per month when he was Vice President, and with the continuing expansion of N.A.T.O. to flank Russia’s security I would guess President Putin could see which way the wind blows. Eight years of Democrat leadership ahead in D.C. hostile to Russia with sanctions already in place, presenting no prospects for recovering Ukraine land lost to the Democrat Bill Clinton’s administration made war seem practical. President Putin may have thought he hadn’t much to lose invading Ukraine. Even so, Russian leadership may become recalcitrant to continue hostilities and order withdrawal of its military from Ukraine in order not to seem like bullies, confident that President Biden will treat them with dignity and respect and no Nightmare on Elm Street will follow what some would say was Russian weakness.

A good plotting device for building a fiction novel is to sew interesting, inexplicable, anomalous events along a narrative that later are tied together. In this essay I considered several items that were far apart and put them together to present a paradigm for interpreting Ukraine developments better than that of the partisan U.S. media. I looked at Death Stranding recently, an interesting video game, and found some of the items difficult to explain metaphysically through the first half. Democrat policy in Ukraine has a public narrative of course (Russians are bullies and authoritarians are brutalizing an independent, democratic nation). The assurance of administration narrative statements and absence of public expressions of dissent or consideration for alternatives to escalation compel a search for the underlying supports for the smooth, steady administration escalation. I find administration narratives disingenuous and at very least, superficial. Paradoxically they are like cowboys driving a herd of cattle up a box canyon where they can’t escape without realizing they are the cattle as well as the cowboys having good fun stoned on imported designer dope.

The Ukraine is Russia’s breadbasket historically, and Europeans of the west have sought to wrest Ukraine away for centuries. Catholics have sought to expand their religion into orthodox regions of Russia including the Ukraine equally as long. The U.S.A. has Catholics leading Congress, the Executive branch and the Supreme Court, and British imperialists are too cozy with D.C. insiders, while Germany also sought to expropriate Ukraine since W.W. 1 and sent migrants to live there to make it more German. The line-up against Russia is formidable and insistent. In 1994 the Democratic party began the long, slow, methodical process of making Russia an enemy instead of an ally. With the Ukraine annexation and expansion of N.A.T.O. the plausibly deniable warpath was preferred to that of peace. Anglo-American imperialism united with Democrat Party Catholicism eventually emerging as part of a two-headed New World order leadership in partnership with Wall Street, aristocratic, plutocratic global corporatism. Russia’s vast resources of the busted Soviet Union seemed like prey. Easy pickings for Democratic lawyers full of themselves just needing to have a Boris Yeltsin signature. Possession was 9/10ths of the law and they could defend their paper with the full power of N.A.T.O. and the U.S. government and define social reality through broadcast media propaganda supporting forces owned by the rich. The new world order might look eventually like a religious and imperial battle against outmatched country bumpkins to the east, yet might is right as is said. Democrat Presidents were mighty in deed, even if on the dark side of the force.

Poland too, a Catholic nation, sought to conquer Russia at least since the end of Boris Godunov’s regime that followed that of Ivan III. In 1605 it sent a prince to conquer Moscow and who made it to the Kremlin’s walls with an army. Western forces to defeat Russia have returned numerous times and built up again when President Clinton betrayed the end of the Cold War with his and Sect Albright’s idiotically blind ignorance of history. The policy was so extremely duplicitous as to wrest away Ukraine from Russia and make it a western-dependent, independent entity. If Cuba took the Midwest from the U.S.A. when it was weak and made it a Cuba-dependent, independent nation full of Cuban immigrants, the Cubans should logically know that when the U.S.A. recovered enough strength it would war to get the Midwest back; that is why Russia is at war in Ukraine now.

In my opinion the historical trait of practice of war to conquer natural resource rich regions should be obsolete in the modern, post-Cold war global economy of free trade and efficiency. The exception might be small nations and those suffering grievous land loss as Russia has with Ukraine since the Clinton administration converted the Cold War conclusion into a simple tug-of-war between the strong N.A.T.O. Clinton led against the weak Russia of 1994. N.A.T.O. then began to expand its membership while leaving Russia out, unofficially identifying Russia the new worthy enemy turkey o replace the lost Soviet Union. Old Democrat Catholic politicians may tend to view Russia through 1980s era, blood colored glasses. If Russia could be conquered China would be easy pickings too, or so idiot logic might reason. It would be idiotic because waging a war to accomplish what could be done better through peaceful means, like conducting world trade, is idiotic in the real world today.

Old politicians tend towards automatic behavior. Like a chicken with its head cut off that keeps running about, old politicians too may run about with old policies after their creative thinking brain has been lost, cut off or died. President Biden and Speaker Pelosi may have ossified brains equivalent to that of headless chickens running about the barnyard. Old politicians may have been creative and environmentalists all of their lives and continue that constructive behavior in to old age usefully. Alternatively they may have bad or dull characteristics that continue into old age as uncreative machine, extremist ideologues that just can’t learn new tricks. Sometimes, yet rarely and inexplicably, old politicians like Ronald Reagan can surprise-even while suffering early Alzheimer’s, and invent new political policies like that of ending the Cold War and ridding the world of nuclear weapons that can be explained best by the intervening grace of God.

If government and corporate financed Nazi Public Radio persecuted a poor U.S. citizen for a quarter century, violating his civil rights, coordinating ridicule, manufacturing false narratives, subverting his economics and job security while training listeners to use hate speech inimical to him so far as to make the market-place a programmed hostile environment; if such an unthinkably wrong development occurred, hiding in plain sight with plausible deniability, the Democrat Party and government sponsors of nazi public radio would deny it had ever happened and existed only in he mind of the victim. Modern Democrats are corporatist, atheist, moral relativists that believe truth is subjectively defined and fully variable as needed for utility. As utilitarians they seek what is good for the greatest number of Democrat politicians, and have made the party a Catholic party within a universal political stadium of deceit and expansion. President Biden is a universal egoist insider inertial form in-himself and for-others.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, yet it is also absolutely hypocritical and oozes dissimulations. Hate works as a full partner of power s to define social reality. Institutional hate is as cold blooded as a slicing machine. Democrats respect human and civil rights only when it is their narrow self-interest to do so and ignore them when convenient, profitable or amusing. Volunteers in social media subverted political opposition and search engine listings long before the Biden administration created a Ministry of Truth and PropagandainHomeland Security.

The modern military occupationally is the art of homicide. Humans sometimes encounter or experience social conditions they feel requires homicide for a remedy. Homicide is the ultimate consumer of another’s time and freedom. Homicide leaves zero time for the freedom of a victim to exist in the temporal. Democrats rely on homicide and the power to define and control mass temporal communications to force their will upon others. A lack of intellect chooses the certainty of annihilating the time and freedom of the temporal for political opponents to the risk of tolerating free expression, democracy and dissent as may occur in democracy. Democratic leadership chooses spiritual slavery and homicide over intelligence and freedom for others.

Democrats hate Russia. Russia generally s neither queer nor Catholic. Catholic Speaker Pelosi declared Russia a bully and said she will rush 33 billion dollars of lend-lease financial assistance to Ukraine to defeat Russia. Catholic President Biden will sign the bill. Two old Democrat, Catholic machine politicians fighting the Democrat Lawyer Holy War for Ukraine, the Pope, and Hunter Biden’s former financial pals, without a clue concerning Russian history, see no down side to their total war plan. There are some potential downsides though, that I will consider. Those are military and economic, political and existential concerns. Peaceful ways to solve the conflict could not occur to Democrat lawyers. Democrat lawyers do not negotiate, they force with force of law, war, media brainwash power, social media censorship and defining opposition language as hate speech. It is amazing that Democrats haven’t classified crimes against women as hate crimes yet so federal investigators could charge anyone male more easily. The principle of equal protection of law for Democrats means protection of Democrats and oppression of non-Democrat enemies of the state.

Democrats worst case situations for their political enemies whenever possible. Democrats are trying to get rid of the filibuster from Congress to grease one-party rule and stifle political dissent. Exfiltration of an opinion on abortion by Justice Alito ahead of a Supreme Court decision apparently was an unprecedented subversion of a conservative court that Democrats tire of and hate. The leaked document of 100 pages will give Democrats an extra couple of months to motivate their base before the November election, yet the integrity of the Supreme Court will be permanently subverted. Worst casing the court was inevitable for Democrats as it was the most ripe, low-hanging fruit that hadn’t yet been exploited.

Having confidence drinking party kool-aid, Democrats piled on every imaginable punitive measure they could against Russia and threatened innumerable more. The net effect of that was to put Russia into a survival situation something like that of a six-time convicted inmate on death row who has nothing to lose penalty-wise if he kills another inmate or three.

Democrats have said war crimes trials are ahead when “Russia is defeated” and “Europe’s breadbasket” is returned to it. Democrats have made sure there isn’t a way to deescalate the crisis and are ramping up the scale of the conflict by supplying arms and cash for Ukraine to hire foreign mercenaries to wage the battle for Russia an order of magnitude. The sixth round of sanctions strangles free trade and human relationships globally undermining fundamental principles of The Wealth of Nations.

The war in Ukraine is already, in effect, a war on Russia. It is something like a civil war as well. Civil wars tend to be emotional and vindictive kinds of conflicts with pent-up hate. One can expect war crimes and paybacks in kind. Yet Russia hasn’t used napalm in war on a large scale as has the United States. One wonders if Russia will roll out napalm and take the gloves off to deploy blood, blister and nerve agents broadly across Ukraine? The use of chemical weapons by the death row administration of Russia is somewhat foreseeable. Conventional military advantages turning to the west can be set back significantly with low budget, effective human bug spray and sticky goo that burns flesh and returns annually for the rest of one’s life, if one survives.

Regular soldiers are fairly clumsy and inept at chemical weapons defense protocols and cannot survive too many days in contaminated environments. Air-bursts of human insect spray can depopulate urban centers with select wind and inversion conditions without damaging buildings. Will Russia have anything to lose when the U.S. is “seeking to weaken Russia” and the tide of war in taking East Ukraine changes direction?

Russia has numerous non-nuclear options to use that would seriously weaken the west and especially Europe, including obliterating a nuclear plant or two upwind from Europe. I believe that Democrat Party leadership is accomplishing the weakening of the west more than Russia presently as their escalation obsession is self-destructive to a degree. Of course it is possible that the Democrat party use of D.O.D. geniuses will thwart all Russian military efforts so effectively as to accomplish regime change in Russia followed by a Free Russia under Democrat Party supervision while vestigial resistance crushed, Putin werewolves captured and provided with free trials for their crimes against humanity and compassionately executed.

Nuclear war potential of Cold War 1.0 brought the idea of mutually assured destruction to the fore and a political reaction against it. President Reagan sought to eliminate all nuclear weapons; a policy not followed by the five bad Presidents and one neutral since Reagan. MAD policy is no longer the sole inevitable policy for a variety of reasons, yet the two ,most likely nuclear use scenarios are easy to mention.

One is a limited nuclear exchange between Russia and the U.S.A. with a couple of European targets thrown in. Perhaps a dozen cities all told would be vaporized. Russia has two or three thousand more nukes than the U.S.A. and can spare the use of a few.

Nuclear wars are spite wars as well as reorganization wars. If militarily bankrupt, nuclear war can change the criterion from defeat to post-apocalypse when used judiciously. For instance, instead of attacking all U.S. nuclear military installations to prevent counter-attack, Russians know that preventing a counter-attack is no longer possible because of the advances each side has made in building new technologies of nuclear delivery packages.

Russia for instance, in reaction to some Obama policy of sending missiles to Europe, getting former Soviet Republics to join N.A.T.O. or breaking the A.B.M. treaty or whatever it was decided to deploy SS-29 missile launching trucks around the country. Each truck carries a missile that can hit U.S targets with six MIRV nuclear fusion warheads of up to 300 megatons of explosive force. Of course cruise missiles can launch nukes too, and the world is saturated with those.

Because MAD war really does lose for everyone, spite atomic attacks from conventionally losing countries seem the most likely cause for nuclear war to occur. Say Russia is faring badly in Ukraine and Democrat hate rhetoric is high going off the rails about Russian bullying the peace-loving Ukrainian people and democracy everywhere is threatened. Russia has already tried napalming Ukrainian forces in East Ukraine with no luck. Then Russia tried using chemical weapons and making a pair of nuclear plant meltdown and President Biden has a conniption and Speaker Pelosi is hopping with fury; the U.S. launches a barrage of chemical and high explosive laden cruise missiles on Russia and predator drones with chemical warhead Hellfire missiles target Russian military leaders wherever it can find them. I believe at that point Russia launches 2000 nuclear missiles at Washington D.C., Boston and San Francisco to overwhelm any potential defense. Maybe the U.S.A. would retaliate. Most of Russia and the U.S.A. would survive yet the war probably would end unless Democrats safe in undisclosed bunkers sought to continue the war globally at any place it could find Russian military forces. I think the conflict’s outcome gets rather hazy then, so far as anticipating the course of development of battle.

A divided world politically and economically following the end of hostilities in Ukraine will reduce the prosperity of the west. China’s stock rises collaterally with the degree of western sanctions on Russia. With sanctions on Russia without end until the end of Russia or before Russia elects a women President for sale to western interests the divided world seems ready to be the new normal. The Catholic and Democratic head of the Corporate hydra may turn upon itself and within itself as Catholics conflict with atheists and the Catholic Church is divided over secularism, marriage, homosexuality and other issues of concern to partisan secular Democrats. Corporatists will continue to invest in China and inflationary prices for American will increase as imported goods from China are taxed by China and some U.S. corporate investments expropriated for alleged business irregularities. Corporate leadership; secular, atheist and moral relativists, will be leveraged by Chinese Communist party leaders and submit so long as profits continue. Apple for instance, may be banned from selling product outside China unless packaged with surveillance technology or without paying a large tax to China. Inflationary prices may continue as Americans import goods from China that may raise prices to increase its military spending or provide support to Russia’s defense.

Inflation may skyrocket if the dollar collapses. Europe though may seek rapprochement with Russia informally and continue to trade with it. During the Cold War 1.0 there was substantial European interest in keeping some friendly relationships with Russia and the Soviets in order to lessen the prospects for nuclear war that was believed at the time to be to be bad for human health. Though Russia is no longer communist and is a free market developing society some Europeans will seek to develop profitable relations with their neighbor and have antipathy for American opponents to normalizing Euro-Russian relations. That will harm U.S. economic interests of the poor somewhat less than is the case with China.





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