Leaker Aborted SCOTUS Decision on Abortion, etc

 The villanous leaker or leakers that made a pidgeon drop at D.C.’s Rock Creek Park after seeing an inverted cross written in chalk on the sidewalk in front of her Brownstone in order to exfiltrate Justice Alito’s 100 page magnum opus contra-abortion was not the greatest outrage this week in the news. L.A. Laker’s coach Frank Vogel was fired just two years after winning an NBA title.

  The problem for the Lakers is what to do about Lebron James (an old basketball player for the Lakers for those that haven’t heard of him). Isn’t it time for the Lakers to trade the old guy to a needy team that needs an extra boost to win the N.B.A. championship? Fans of James are eager for him to go to the Clippers, Nets, Timberwolves or Portland so he can get a title with a fourth team before retiring to play golf or whatever.

Russia’s V-Day celebration of the World War Two victory over the Nazis is somewhat bittersweat with a war going on in Ukraine. The United States has gotten Germany to rearm in a big way while it is dumping weapons to ramp up the war like there is no tomorrow. In this version of the re-enactment of W.W. II scaled downn of course, the U.S.A. leadss the allied Axis Powers against Russia, yet Russia technically fored the first shot in the battle, if one overlooks the legal theft of Ukraine from Russia by President Bill Clinton in 1994. War is the hard ultimate reason or appeal for those nations that feel screwed by history. I believe many people are blame-worthy for not finding or even trying to find realistic peaceful solutions to what is making so many people suffer.

Justice aborted is justice denied. The Cold Wars’ end was aborted post-birth by taking all of Ukraine friom Russia, yet that is the lawyerly style sometimes. It is worth remembering tin a civil democracy law is supposed to serve the popular will of the people rather than vice versa, within parameters acceptable to God of course, and if that isn’t possible, at least within a paradigm that won’t draw a swift rebuke of a substantive kind.

I believe it is possible that Supreme Court decisions may be often leaked to private insider interests before the public gets them. I would think they could be valuable for insider trading and political manipulation in some instances. Who would know?





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