Covid 19 Policy for Dumber vs Smarter; U.S.A. & China

 China has taken a very conservative defense strategy against Covid 19. Occasionally it has locked down communities to prevent transmission of the virus in contrast to that of the U.S.A. that has been about as loose as it could get away with to proceed as if the disease wasn’t a problem. Because it has been reported that severe Covid reduces intelligence by about 10 IQ. points. There may be a vast reduction in the nation’s intelligence even worse than that caused by breathing air with to high of carbon dioxide or monoxide content.

China has had 220 thousand Covid infections in a nation with 1.4 billion people. 

The United States has had 82 million Covid 19 cases in a national population of 330 million.

U.S. politicians like Wall Street tend toward taking a short term view for management. Short term profits rather than long-term investments seem to dominate. With Covid 19 the Chinese approach may be more beneficial in defending against dumbing down average intelligence keeping people healthy until vaccinated against Covid 19. If severe Covid 19 is as harmful to intelligence as getting old, and Americans use a lot of dope besides, the nation may experience a decline of average intellect in the years ahead. Perhaps that has already happened in Democrat Party leadership.





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