Should Americans be free to twit their vote in

Voting has become liberal enough with mail-in ballots to assure that anyone may select which brand of corporate candidate to elect from anywhere on the planet. Of course a voter must cast the vote himself into the postal drop box to assure that a non-election unofficial postal employee can handle the vote and send it on the 27 year mission to seek out new places to get lost in the Universe where no letter has been lost before. To make voting secure some new measures need be taken.

Twitter should be made an official election precinct so Democrats can twit in their vote. Elon Musk can assure election fairness, unlike social media and search engines run by Democrat partisans whom can rig engines so blog posts are viewed as often as the life of a neutron star. Many Americans may prefer to use Facebook to vote though some are skeptical that Mark Zuckerberg can assure that Russians wouldn’t rig the ballot box in some sort of members only group configuration plied with fake news about Democracy (since they are world experts at Democracy and news making).





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