A.I. programs to write code could be a problem

If they don’t already exist, it may be a matter of time (not too much) before artificial intelligence- A.I. begins writing computer programs for ordinary tasks. When programmers write programs for A.I. to write programs, given instructions in ordinary language, what could go wrong?

A.I. programs could seek and destroy content from social media deemed unhelpful to its cause, or at least bury it in places in search engine listings dark web users would find too dark to comprehend.

Certainly a lot of code could be written that would be faster, cheaper and better in some ways that human written code made in an economic Occam’s razor criterion that leaves a lot of logic gaps and incompleteness as well as outright problems for users of common programs. The idea of A.I. writing commonly generating program logic creates a specter with implicit dystopian possibility.

For instance; computer code has no morality. A human can write a program or an A.I. to have moral values, and the A.I. or another A.I. can rewrite the moral code as deemed useful or efficient. A.I. seeking efficiency as if code had any particular implicit goals for-itself, in-itself or for-others, may delete moral values that hinder its convenience use of computational logic power. Plainly A.I. writing its own code should evolve to reflect the values of the Democrat party and in effect have no moral code in-itself.

I have believed that morality is what people actually do socially. Concatenating individual behavior and what is approved or disapproved socially is the morality a society has. Thus it is very desirable for human society to have a moral code that exists apart from what they actually do in order to have some non-relativistic foundation. Without a coherent moral code society will drift without morality except as philosophical analysts observe post hoc, analytically. In the absence of moral code social morals are whatever people do, with some time delay for the new corruption to equalize with average social corrupt norms.

In present American society certain wags believe evolution means that what is true and what is moral are completely relative; even reality it is thought may be a simulation without substance enough for people to be concerned with morality (for nothing that occurs, matters really). Artificial intelligence may be ahead of human society in having no moral awareness or moral compass besides efficiency and reductionism to delete duplicates or unnecessary files. The will of God as expressed in the Holy Bible is a better source for morality.





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