Eternal Life and Infinite Generation of Universes

Life is a thermodynamic process. It is a complex one, yet it is a process of energy being spent moving from a highly concentrated, organized state to a lower one. A temporal human life forms and rises to mature in a highly complex state then breaks down slowly through entropy. Thermodynamics is change; all change is a transition within the structure of energy. Human life requires change to exist, so eternal life would seem to require eternal change.

If eternal life requires eternal change and the Universe runs down through entropy as its initial highly concentrate energy state at time equals zero to omega, when its energy is nil, an eternal universe that always spawns new universes would be required to sustain life eternally in thermodynamic fields. An eternal generation of universes is needed for eternal life of eternal material beings or of individual sentient beings as spirit in the form of data conserved and brought forward from an expiring universe to a different, flourishing universe.

Spirit may not be subject to entropy. If energy and thermodynamic entropy may be said to contain time and space implicitly, inseparably, then so must life also exist within a field of changing relations of particles within the stream of energy that becomes a Universe when entangled particles slow to manifest as mass in the Higgs field..

Spirit may be of two kinds; one may be information that is self-aware and existing independently of thermodynamics and the energy hosting it. That form of spirit that is information could accompany the generations of energy streaming comprising universes from alpha to omega and enters into the creation of those Universes at some transcending, appointed and appropriate time-place.

The second form of spirit may be unrelated to energy, information and thermodynamics comprising universes. Because human ideas of and knowledge about universes and energy forming them, along with the relationships of field forces comprising them, are limited to things derived from energy, Spirit that precedes energy and is not contingent upon energy or Universes. Is unknowable through direct human observation. Universes and energy may be transparent to non-contingent Being that is Spirit It is not the case that energy and Universes are the only sort of existing things possible; they are simply the only ones people think of and know scientifically.

For non-contingent Spirit existing apart from energy thermodynamics, spirit as information and energy may be subordinate and contingent. Spirit could actualize each life spirit data in a one-time only Universe or an infinite plenitude of Multiverses as deemed. A Universe’s quantum realm interacting with non-Higgs field information mapping may conserve the information of individual sentient lives as spirit. The Lord Jesus Christ’s saving grace may relocate spirit data of the saved beyond the natural material processes that consume Universes at the end of the life cycle of a Universe when it reaches the lowest energy state possible at absolute zero temperature. Physicists have theorized that below absolute zero temperature flips to infinitely hot. For sentient beings as information experiencing that infinite heat in some way if possible, the experience of hell would await the unsaved. The saved would be spiritually relocated with the Lord Jesus Christ to a new Universe or an entirely spiritual realm without death or thermodynamic process.





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