Former Sect. of State Kissinger says U.S. should get along with China

 Former Sect. of State Henry Kissinger; 99 years old, spoke at an economic forum on the need to get along with China. If the Biden administration had its oars in the water on international affairs it would understand that mentioning the U.S. would go to war if China invades Taiwan is a diplomatic faux pas. There are other ways to let China know what the administration thinks about Taiwanese independence and U.S. support for that without using a bludgeon, in a manner of speaking.

 The Democratic President and his party leadership are used to forcing whatever they want into being, since the U.S. is regarded as the most powerful nation on Earth militarily and financially and party leadership realizes that force can get what they want done sometimes. Yet nuclear war with either Russia or China shouldn’t be an option; and it is for Democrats as an escalation from conventional war implicitly. Having peaceful and mutually prosperous relations with China is advantageous for the world and the world environment. Intelligent leadership needs to find a way to return international affairs to order as soon as possible including ending sanctions on Russia directly if they sign on on halting the Ukraine venture in place and sign off on a permanent peace.

The Hillbilly approach to international relations with feuding and nuclear brinksmanship simply is rotten politics, especially sionce the Biuden administration didn’t even bother to get a global warming remedy stand-alone bill sent to Congress breaking all sorts of campaign promises to policy that voters believed existed in the process. Presidents can make pompous and bellicose speeches ad nauseum until they are out of office, yet it is better if they can leave national affairs better than before they were in office rather than worse.






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