National Basic Income is the way to reduce school shootings

Politicians like to talk about banning guns or putting new restrictions on gun access as a way to stop school shootings, yet that is just a theory, and one that would probably make it easier for an authoritarian Democratic party to take over the nation. Millionaires and billionaires too I guess meeting at Davos have asked that nations tax them more, and of course the President isn’t interested in that, instead he wants to oppress Americans attacking thesecond amendment. He should ask Congress to raise taxes on the rich to a more progressive rate and use it to fund a national basic income for all Americans at about $10,000. With an adult allowance kids leaving school would not feel so pressured or excluded from the economy, and would be less likely to decide to commit some heinous, unthinkable act like shooting little kids as a sort of revenge on a society they feel they are excluded from- except as targets of their peers.

Salvador Ramos had a strong lisp and speech issues that brought abuse from other teenagers. So many social adjustment issues could be solved with a national basic income so everyone has at least some practical opportunities early in life, and life-long, to better themselves. Ten thousand dollars can be used to lever college funding, home building starts etc. Being just broke and feeling like an oddball perhaps even weith social labels can make one feel existentially hopeless. Such individuals may wrench society in a number of ways besides guns, even if they need wait later in life for the built up resentment to boil over in some form involving physics and death.





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