Demos should ask themselves hard questions about Uvalde

Democrats need to ask themselves hard questions after the Uvalde classroom massacre; does locking doors do anything to increase security? The school door was unlocked that let the perp slip in to the building. Another hard question is; is a security guard worth as much as a school teacher?

Probably there need be only one security guard for every dozen school marms in an elementary school. Schools are their only little universe with important officials administrating in place, yet the real world exists too. There are sicarros over the border and probably on the U.S. side too that should prompt a little security.  Maybe school teacher new hires should be trained in firearms and gun safety as part of basic orientation. There is no reason why the marms should be creme puffs. They should be weapons ready in event of a school invasion.

Maybe when the U.S.A. had fewer than 330 million people and no one listened to N.P.R. or played alien shooter games or got ninendo twit disease from over-use, when the rivers were good to drink from directly and auto exhaust didn’t choke bicyclists, schools were safe with unlocked doors and Audrey Hepburn in the classroom (she might have had a gun anyway). Today though basic security measures need be taken in very soft targets a priori. Some schools need security work and desperately cry out for new vinyl siding. In addition to healthy school lunches, security measures should reach even poor rural schools. Do Democrats have the ability to make school buildings safer places to be, free of propaganda as well as adverse bullets?





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