President Set to Escalate War with Multiple Rocket Systems

 President Biden probably can’t resist escalating the Ukrainian war problem by sending oodles of Multiple Launch Rocket System units to that country so Ukraine can target Russia better. On the principle of increasing force is always right; a foundational principle of the New Democrat Party evolved since 2000, one knows the old guy will automatically increase his grip on the game of chicken with Russia.

Russia has 98,000 MLRS of its own left over I suppose from cold war 1.0 years and lots of artillery. I would guess they have more than the rest of the world combined since those tools were a basic part of the Soviet military theory in defense against the west. Escalating the war will help use up the inventory. When those stocks are low maybe negotiations happen, or alternatively, nuclear war occurs. It is said that Russia has only 5,800 ballistic nukes and just 1,800 ready to launch, so there isn’t anything to worry about concerning the N.B.A. leftwing championship cities being nuked at all (Boston and San Francisco). It isn’t like Russia will be willing to drop its inventory down 2 or 3 missiles and leave itself defenseless.





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