‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Misses the Mark

 Democrats seeking to ban assault weapons in a kind of knee jerk response to the Uvalde massacre simply have badly flawed logic or knowledge of firearms. There are innumerable weapons with a high cyclic rate of fire if fully automatic, yet if semi-auto most weapons are about the same speed- being that of how quickly one can pull the trigger, shoot and repeat until the magazine is empty. Thus an ordinary nine-millimeter semi-automatic pistol would have been as effective; if not more, at shooting people confined in a room quickly.

Rifles like the AR-15 legally purchased by the Uvalde shooter are not weapons of war as President Biden described them. They are semi-automatic rifles that shoot a fairly small caliber bullet one at a time. 

An AR-15 is a civilian version of the M-16 that I trained on in the Army decades ago. It is not the state of the art Army rifle. What they are good for is shooting accurately from 50 to 300 yards. A pistol generally can’t do that. Buying an AR-15 for short range shooting is more of a hindrance than a help for lunatics witrh a grievance. One can shoot a deer with an AR-15, yet not brown bear such as was sighted at the golf course in town today, so the radio station reported. If one wants to shoot a brown bear-and one should not for they have a right to exist too, one should use the older Army rifle that fired 7.62 rounds- the M-1 Garand.

Using AR-15s makes potential shooters easier to spot, and the weapons are more troublesome to use than pistols. One can use larger magazines on pistols too, and match ‘assault weapons’. Actual assault weapons that fire on full auto like Kalashnikov AK-47s or 74s that fire 7.62 and 5.56 caliber bullets respectively when actually manufactured for military application are matched by a nume of smaller, high cyclic rate of fire weaponsthat are much smaller and easy to conceal. The Glock G-18 for instance, has a switch to go from semi to full automatic fire of 9mm rounds from a 30 round magazine. It would be far more effective for homicidal lunatics at close range, rather than the hard to hide under a raincaost semi-automatic ‘assault weapon’. There are zillions of fully automatic short range weapons that are concealable. 





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