Unlike Yumans, God isn’t embedded in the Higgs Field

 Jesus said that no one had seen the Father except for the Son. One may accept the numerous witnesses of Jesus and his works as evidence of God, if one accept eyewitness accounts as evidence. Moses at the end of his life was given to see the glory of God that passed before, just fractionally. There has been much work done on researching the Bible and its history. Louis Berkhoff did some excellant work on that. I went over the book and made a commentary of it. Free to download…

 God is Spirit and not embedded in the Higgs field. Contingent beings made to exist in the Higgs field as steady state mass cannot obtain evidence of anything besides energy-mass of the universe I believe.

It is worthwhile considering the nature of ideas and how they fit phillosophically into language and meaning. Ideas about what exists, and how it does exist, including a Creator have always been a part of philosophy. The neo-Platonist Plotinus is a good example. His ‘Enneads’- 54 tractates are worth reading. St. Augustine was a Plotnian before he converted to Christianity. https://archive.org/details/plotinustheennea033190mbp





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