Philosophic Inquiries into God’s characteristics in modal logic terms in relation to the Universe

Philosophers naturally enough pursue knowledge of what isn’t known. Cosmology today obviously is incomplete. The expansion of the universe that is accelerating, the size of the Universe, dark energy, dark matter etc. those are a few of the problems. The idea of a multiverse is also something one can easily consider and compare to the ideas of what an infinite, eternal being of a Creator of Multiverse should be to be consistent in modal logic terms with what is known of creation. One would think philosophically, that a characteristic of God would be actualization of an infinite number of universes a priori, in His thought, as an omnipotent and omniscient being. One knows that the Higgs field slows down two-dimensional mass less particles in so they pick up the appearance of a third dimension- and hence mass can exist as an apparent phenomenon. Energy seems to be the basic substance, and what it is actually made of at the funamental level isn’t certain. Leibnitz thought one-dimensional monads made of spirit comrprised what might be zero-dimensional points of string theory, I believe it is. None of this is deflection. It is simple philosophical interest in the theology of an infinite Being sustaining universes and multiverses. This isn’t a “god of the gaps’ approach though it would be unreasonable to expect God to be a material substance like a human or someone meaasurable to science i.m.o.





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