Social Media is Killing Democracy

Social media is where Americans discuss politics. It is owned by the richest people. They determine what is hateful speech or what is fake news and delete it or bury it in search engine listings. Social media therefore is conditioned and permitted free speech warping democratic expression toward its own ends; it is not a neutral moderator or political speech or art. Social media is heavily biased and filtered by Democrats serving plutocrats.

The remedy probably is to have a public social media alongside privately owned social media. Reason dictates that privately owned Democratic expression venues will be biased and hate free expression of political opposition or even of taxing the rich more.

If the Congress wanted to ber useful it would establish a public free speech social media system that would provide every citizen a web page of their own that is secure and available for all to read in cyberspace. If the Congress wants to protect democracy and free speech it would need to establish publicly owned social media right away while there are still Americans not conditioned by the plutocracy to follow along their narratives.






One response to “Social Media is Killing Democracy”

  1. romanticindeed Avatar

    Transparency becomes impossible when there can still be suspicion of secrecy.

    I’ve always laid out this question, “Why does a government want to know so much about us, when we cannot know anything about them?” I believe it’s because if we knew something about them, something important that everyone should have as knowledge, we’d be considered a threat. In fact, any government already considers its governed people a threat when it never shares its secrets. It’s a one-sided trust scenario where they know us, though we know nothing about them. We give them our information, because have no choice.

    Guess what? We’re called “conspiracy theorists” if we come to any sort of clue, no matter how inane it sounds, on what might be “going on” within political territory.

    I believe it. On social media, they highlight this word called “misinformation” like it’s Satan incarnate. They want us to drink from the golden chalice of truth, even if it’s been tainted with snake venom and all we can be doing is being deceived by a placebo effect.

    They don’t want us to be capable of critical thinking. Like George Carlin said, “All they want is for people to be capable enough to run the machines and file the paperwork.”

    Is a person a “conspiracy theorist” for highlighting this? What evidence does anyone else need, besides what we see around us? The problem is that many people are blind.


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