Russian-Ukraine Peace Deal Land Swap Might Work

It might be a good idea to consider unconventional approaches to bringing peace and prosperity to Europe-Asia and the United States since the usual indignant bullhead sort of approach might lead to nuclear war within a year. Russians are alright people, and Ukrainians might be too although they have been indoctrinated in some shaky western sports of things I would guess. Even so, it should be possible to get some sort of peace deal involving swapping land for Ukrainians and Russians.

Ukrainians could be given title to 2 acres of land in Russia- even Siberia, and vice versa, for free to start with. Citizens of each nation would own some real estate and could build a geodesic dome there if they choose. The border region would be made like a chessboard of agriculture and wilderness reserve lands owned by each nation, and Russia would keep 70% of its present occupied areas in return for which Ukraine would be given a 100 year lease on select areas of Russia of equal area to develop as they wish non-militarily with an assured direct travel corridor to the land.

The administration wants to win things through war rather than negotiation with creative thinking. Force is an effective tool in a mindless sort of way on occassion. Withn lots of weapons and proxy soldiers that’s an easy chpoice to make.

When Ukraine was set up during the interregnum when the Soviet Union died and before Russia could be fully re-established lands were taken that Russia would forever regard as its own with a right to own, Unfortunately that circumstance led to the present conflict. To settle that conflict short of nuclear war and return the world to a more normal political state of affairs asap (get on with reducing global warming already) some very intelligent and innovative leadership will be required to make a land adjustment.

All those former communists really should have some land of their own to worry over; ending Cold War 1.0 did not assure that all people would have an equal start with some property in their possession. Obviously some oligarchs and mafioso globally had an advantage at taking things in the vacuum of power. Too bad Henry Kissinger isn’t available to sort things out.





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