Democrats Fail Global Warming Bill Intentionally

Democrats Fail Global Warming Bill Intentionally

The Democrat Party has had total control of the House and Senate for a couple of years now and haven’t advanced a single global warming reduction bill in spite of campaign [promises to do exactly that. It is challenging to believe that there purpose hasn’t always been to spoof the public and use the global warming issue as a lever to put forward their social agenda. Global warming reduction is important to all people rather than just democrats so they are cool just don’t seem to care much.

There are always issues that arise that Democrats can use to put the global warming fix on the back burner and just let carbon dioxide parts per million rise and the ecosphere decline. Its fine if everyone gets stupid with less oxygen in the atmosphere with Democrats apparently. Packaging a global warming fix bill with day care for example, won’t get it done.

The Ukraine war is partly a Democrat construction. Their policy to hate Russia and just try to force their way on everything left to alternative to Russia taking back what they feel they own historically for-themselves. Its useful to understand the point of view of other people to leading to war. Democrats understand their own point of view and marginalize everyone else so far as they can.

In a few months it is quite likely Democrats will lose the Senate and or House and nothing will have been done to reduce global warming. Realizing that the public is aware Republicans won’t do anything in the public sector to reduce greenhouse gases their tactic may be to use it as an election prop one more time, promising they will get a greenhouse gas reduction bill done if re-elected. In my opinion their will always arise social issues like mass shootings that can bump out global warming legislation; convenient for Democrats to put up contentious social legislation with the same old arguments and standing political differences of opinion to consume time. One must believe it is done intentionally. They want a world more suitable for reptiles and cold, blooded evolving creatures.





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