Free Britney Griner in Exchange for 10 minutes of Putin broadcast network time?

 Femal basketball Britney Griner is spending time in a Russian Gulag facility in exchange for being arrested for smuggling dope into Russia; apparently that is an offense against Russian law. Because she is a star the public wants her released from jail, unlike ordinary people that suffer consequences of legal entanglements somewhat differently. Billionaire Lebron James has asked for Griner to be set free.

The news people said the President of the U.S.A. would need to pay “a terrible price” to get Griner released. Maybe confessing to RUssian collusion ior alternatively British collusion would be the price. Maybe the price could be to ask the major news networks to allow President Putin 10 minutes of major broadcast media airtime to explaion his point of view on Ukraine- in exchange for Griner’s release. Just a thought- President Putin might like the opportunity to speak directly to Americans instead of being filtered through a biased media, and Griner might like the chance to legally buy dope in one of several U.S. states if she actually is stupid enough to use the junk.





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