House Select January 6th Committee Has Just One, Warped Point of View

The trouble with the House committee investigating the January 6th mob storming of the capitol is that it presents just one point of view. The Select Committee was entirely selected by Democrat House Speaker Pelosi. It is as if a jury were made up solely of people selected by the prosecutor. Rep. Jim Jordan or other Republicans proposed by House Minority Leader McCarthy were kicked to the gutter by Speaker Pelosi. Democrats in politics and social media have been working to censor people they view as political opponents since the Obama administration. With an equally corrupt selection process Democrats in 1963 could have proved that Dwight Eisenhower ordered the assassination of JFK.

During the Trump impeachment hearings Democrats did their best to minimize then President Trump’s defenders speaking time. They succeeded reducing to zero partisan Republicans from sitting on the committee investigating the January 6th incident. Speaker Nancy Pelosi cherry-picked the members of her inquisition. Thus the fruits of the committee produced a tainted product reminiscent of a Soviet show trial with the defense muffled. Authoritarian regimes do not tolerate dissenting viewpoints.

The House Committee is an insult to Americans expected to believe that a fair, non-partisan investigation dedicated to convicting former President Trump after impeachment conviction failed has a possibility of being objective, truthful or even credible in the absence of a defense. Americans are expected to believe credulously in every package of data presented and interpreted by party stooges of globalists, the uber-rich and Democrat Party leadership puppets. Intelligent Americans would rather move on from the Trump hating do-nothing-on-global-warming Congress than continue the lunacy conspiracy theorists down rabbit hole vectors to alternative atheist universes where public debt, nuclear war and global warming are back burner issues.

It is very challenging to consider the mass protest at the capitol on January 6th an insurrection. Americans and especially conservatives own a lot of weapons, yet few weapons were evident at the protest and no shots were fired by protesters. Some members of the protest mob surged into the lightly defended capitol building yet there was an absence of provisions for light military fighting to hold the capitol against armed retaking by government forces. There also should have been some sort of coordinated attack on financial centers in elite liberal cities such as Boston and San Francisco. It would have been necessary to take down the power grid of Washington D.C. at minimum and promote chaos in the city with a surge of armed anarchistic insurrectionist in the dark. One would think an insurrection would have managed to sink at least one government ship tied to a dock like the U.S.N. Cole. Comparing the fake insurrection at the Capitol even with John Brown’s attack on the national guard armory makes the alleged insurrection seem like a 60s anti-war protest that bum-rushed buildings.

One may hope that the United States never experiences an actual insurrection. If the capitol were taken and the legislators slaughtered except for Rep. Liz Cheney, and if the naval submarine fleet didn’t like her leadership they would have the power themselves to nuke D.C. as a kind of independent 3rd power submarine fleet with nukes. There may be a zillion scientists and engineers that could hot-wire a nuclear missile and launch one without government codes. It isn’t likely they are booby trapped to detonate if tampered with. Speaker Von Pelosi cannot always count on control of the media through left-leaning allies to support a Pee Wee Herman scale insurrection narrative without possibility of the real thing happening. Covid has shown there are innumerable ways that scientists could cull the population. In the absence of good, intelligent political leadership with oars in the water making the world a better place physically, actually for all Americans, the risks appear to increase rather than decrease- even crying wolf about the Pee Wee Herman Insurrection.

A word about the prevailing social and demographic paradigm increasing the risk of mass population culls and/or insurrection. The present geo-demographic resource population density and technology cluster has enabled totalization of government-media-intelligence agency presence and power over the nation. Unlike in prior eras before technology and population saturation of the nation when there was little danger of intentional mass population cull or of technology driven revolution without substantial popular support, the present era is enabled for total, ubiquitous nation-wide surveillance and control of the population even unto repression of dissident free speech in social media. With the shrinking of the nation’s physical range of freedom and liberty from invasive government and media surveillance to one dominated by total daily presence and surveillance of the masses even monitoring most business transactions, power has increased to elite minorities to shape the destiny of the nation. That concentration of power to elite applies a fracturing and repressing force to the rest of the population running into the concrete ceiling of democracy that is actually plutocractic corporatism with willing puppet political tools.

The totalization of political power to have live geographic domination applies pressure on dissidents to find ways to shatter the power of the totalitarians. Unfortunately the selection and election of political leaders to fill natural roles of power in a live paradigm of over-population density and too much technology to curtail real privacy is more a function of circumstance than design or mal-intention. Nevertheless without intelligent political leadership to direct of all of society to different and vastly improved real-world economic and space exploration systems, the default is for the effectively powerless under the pressure of totalitarian elites to cull the ‘system’ and the population comprising it. If there are 20 leaders per million people, and a thousand for 330 million people more or less, there may be several thousand scientifically educated people whom are dissidents capable of engineering culls of population or engineering significant economic and/or social catastrophes catalyzing changes of government and so forth. In the era of totalization the price for failing to intelligently respond to empirically challenges may be very high.





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