International Affairs in the Vacuum that is U.S. Foreign Policy

In the absence of intelligent U.S. foreign and domestic policy the economic and social environment positives of the United States would seem to be in long-term decline. That isn’t too surprising. Rather than consider the background of the decline and the reasons why the U.S.A. has a dirth of quality, innovative and adaptive Presidential leadership that supports constitutional rights for individuals strongly as opposed to special class privileges I will move on to consider a few potential developments of circumstances of international affairs.

Making Russia an enemy instead of an ally was a grave error after the end of Cold War 1.0. U.S. leadership was stupid concerning the wresting of Ukraine and Crime away from Russia. Much blame and obfuscation or responsibility may be relocated yet it was strongly in America’s interests to recognize Russian historical relationship to Ukraine and Crimea and make sure their interests were met.

The reasons for the Ukraine-Russia failure were largely material. When too many people have purely material interests in high political leadership they fail at abstract reasoning in several affairs such as history, religion, morality. Pure materialism may focus so narrowly on material advantages that it has no political vision. As it is now the United States has fully invested in dividing the planet between itself and European allies plus Japan and the side of Russia and China. That division reduces the potential market area for sales by half. For some that may present new opportunities and yet for others it creates strong economic doldrums.

There is a legendary explanation for why Democrat party leadership on international affairs is so bad. An uncomplimentary account, it postulates that supporting illegal immigration for cheap labor to replace white men whom are regarded as rivals is natural enough. Democrat elites and rich patrons designed replacement policy appealing to runty scheming neo-leftist females and homosexuals that need have replacement labor if strait white men are to be downgraded and women and queers rise to domination. They expect strait men to lift weights and be happy as dumb hedonistic laborers and soldiers while women executives wear suits and force a kinder, gentler new world order as the brains of the outfit. Afraid of Russia and its anti-Democrat Party values, runt elites used strait Ukrainian men to fight Russia men to bring or keep more Russian land for Democrat and Plutocratic allies and material profit. I cannot say that the explanation is true or accurate, yet like many contemporary political matters it may have a grain of truth in it. If it were true, in my opinion it would an effort to make a Satanic World Order of willing slaves, perhaps coerced a bit. Peace is better than war for prosperity; it may require creative thinking about how to make everyone winners rather than a few, with many losers.

The non-aligned world is largely one of 2nd and third world people that find Chinese socialism more sympathetic or understanding at least rhetorically to their own economic troubles and the legends of colonial and capitalist exploitation. With China’s quickly advancing economy infused with U.S. and European investments in a somewhat adversarial relation ship the U.S.A. will encounter more direct economic competition with China for the non-aligned world. Russia oil excluded from sales to most first world nations will be an attractive alternative source for oil at about 50% of the price of western oil. The United States relies on Europe for political support and economic trade yet even Britain- the primary European ally of the inside-the-beltway and Eastern elitist crowd will pursue its own economic advantages with China even as it uses the United States as its blaster in the master-blaster relationship it enjoys. Some in D.C. seem to rely on British intelligence concerning Eurasian matters too.

As Europe and the EU rises in local political power it has leveraged the Ukraine affair to increase its ,military footing. Apparently Germany will soon be the third most powerful military in the world with its 120 billion dollar investment in weapons. As. Europe rises in military strength it will also tend to rely far less on the United States for defense as it has since the end of the second world war. It may also expect to lead the United States more concerning international affairs until it flips to some new relationships entirely severing the post 2nd world war posture.

Japan presently is building the best new jet fight on the planet. It will be capable of directing several drone fighter and bomber aircraft from each jet, That is an amazing upgrade in military flight. Each jet fighter will act something like an entire wing of jet fighters. Japan is perhaps the best U.S. military ally for the short and intermediate range as it can present a substantial challenge to China in a few years for air superiority in concert with the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Naval aviation. Japan also is a lone wolf nation with few Asian friends. In that regard it may increasingly resemble the United States in the future as the United States loses friends around the world such as it has. When the EU becomes something more like an economic rival and militarily independent rather than an ally the United States will be more isolated, so far as anyone can be isolated in a very over-populated world using the present political economy.

North Korea’s nuclear power rise may increase considerably and it may choose to sell nuclear bombs for cash to compensate for strong Euro-American sanctions. Japan and Germany may seek to go nuclear too to balance perceived Iranian, N. Korean, Russian and Chinese nuclear threats. I needn’t point out that this is a very dangerous world scenario. There will be very little global cooperation on global warming countermeasures as the atheist leading powers pursue purely material advantages, and corporatism of the west conflicts with mixed market socialism of the east for planetary economic turf and the allegiance of developing nations.





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