Republicans need an average guy to run for President in 2024

Winning the 2024 Presidential election should be easy for the Republican Party. If they don’t run Donald Trump or Ted Cruz it would be hard to lose. Senator Cruz is foreign born and an automatic no for many conservatives. If he focuses on doing a good job for Texas in the Senate he might win his next re-election campaign and pick up more seniority in the Senate and continue doing good work in what is actually an important job.

Republicans won’t find any sort of Gov. Dan Evans of Washington circa 1970s or one who understands environmental economics. They have got Gov Abbot of Texas, Senator Rubio and former V.P. Mike Pence of course; and each could probably do a good job in the White House, yet finding a young Robert Redford- a candidate with charisma, skills and moral conservatism, would be an obvious way to win against the soon-to-be-octogenarian, Mr. Five Dolla-gallon President Biden. The Republican nominee will want a female running mate- someone ideally, like former Senator Barbara Boxer- Bill Clinton’s cousin, if only she could be drawn to the Republican side of the force. Her name is ideal for a female Vice President.

President Biden was Barrack Obama’s understudy perhaps trained in the ways of the dark side of the force. In the Middle East President Obama helped cascade a generation of violence into being and becoming. Joe Biden’s trip to the Middle East could perhaps catalyze a new round of violence and undermine the progress that President Trump accomplished in bringing peaceful relations to the region. Ukraine never was an independent nation before President Clinton deemed it so. It was always part of Russia except when foreign invaders or communists surged in for a time. That is why Russia has said that Ukrainian independence is a fiction and has fought to retake it. I mention that simply to point out the inept way NPR reported on efforts to end gun violence in the U.S.A., using the word ‘fighting’ to end gun violence liberally, instead of using some term like ‘working’. Some of the left prefer to escalate language use toward violence themselves, desensitizing the nation, like video games, to actual violence. Escalating the Ukraine conflict for the Democrat Party and the rich wing of the Republican Party, was as natural as breathing.

Whoever gets the nomination will want to have a female running mate to get the female vote. A younger Republican candidate for President will get more votes from dissatisfied Democratic youth unhappy at having their constitutional rights impinged who are becoming burdened with onerous regulations buying an assault weapon on their 18th birthday. And remembering that Obamacare taxed them in particular. Maybe voting requires less competence than owning an assault weapon; so Democrats aren’t seeking to raise the voting age to 21 or have additional background checks for mail in voting.





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