Democrats Sorely in Need of Conversion Therapy

 Democrat party cadre are sorely in need of conversion therapy to become Republicans, Libertarians and Independents. Having drank the Kool-aid they need be talked down from their ledges where they view the world as elite gargoyles with fish-eyes.

The Russian-Ukrainian war might have been avoid if Democrats weren’t hell-bent on stealing Ukraine from Russia during the Interregnum and chaotic transition between governments when the Soviet Union dissolved. When Russia retook the Crimea the Democrat Party sanctions made Russia more dependent on oil revenues. When the price per barrel of oil crashed and the U.S.A. and Europe kept piling on sanctions going to war to retake Eastern Ukraine and drive up the price of oil as even a freshman would know it would might have presented an irrsistable attraction to some Russian economic managers.

President Biden is pleading for oil companies to make gas cheaper than five dollars a barrel. Supply and demand is what it is and cutting the world off from Russian oil and gas reduced supply- except to the world’s non-aligned and independent or adversarial nations. Stopping Venezuelan crude compounded the effect. Democrats jetisoned their campaign content of reducing global warming effectively and want cheaper and more fossil fuels- integrity and reasoning is deficient, so conversion therapists need to engage with Democrats on the coach and discover the origins of their misinterpretation of economic reality and foreign relations.

 Democrats rely on a reinterpretation of standard moral postures of the nation for votes. They have decided nothing is wrong if it does no harm, and use harm as a middle term to for tautological purposes, in agreement with themselves, for-themselves. Yet they have an aversion to economic and environmental competence finding their way in to politics after an election season is over. They packaged global warming reduction behind day care for Democrats and pouted when they couldn’t have their way. So much for global warming; plead for cheaper gasoline instead. Tax credits for electric cars and solar panels would require genius to envision; yet not after conversion therapy perhaps. It is still possible that some Democrats could be saved and forsake the dark side of the force.





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