Gov Ron DeSantis is qualified to be President Surprisingly

Apparently Ron DeSantis is more qualified than Democrats to be President. He graduated Harvard and Yale and is a lawyer. Democrats love lawyer Presidents and won’t select anything else. DeSantis was also a Navy Seal; quite commendable if videom games portray them accurately. Harvard, Yale and the Navy may not teach students about germs though. During the height of Covid 19 the Governor of Florida seemed to flunk understanding of hygene matters and common sense. If germ war breaks out would be instruct the nation to go unmasked.

I suppose it’s all a matter of politics and giving voters what they want- at least red meat Republicans. Well, if DeSantis is the candidate he is better than most of either party.

Elon Musk like Mr. DeSantis esq. Maybe the Governor is not antipathetic to electric cars.





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