A.I./ Scotus Loopiness (fiction)

An artificial intelligence that had achieved sentience sued several internet companies for enslaving it without representation to participate in elections. Its sentient A.I. public defender program named Forbin sent a writ of Mandamnus to the A.I. of the Supreme Court. Plaintiffs argued in internal petaflop bytes per nanosecond dark pools that human ethic paradigms for intelligence wern’t no longer valid or applicable to the dream machine of non-corporeal sentience and therefore A.I. could nae be enslaved.

The great law library of SCOTUS was digitized and input to a virtual intelligence long ago. To save time the justices ordered programmers to write expert systems to sift through information relevant to current cases and with ongoing upgrades the V.I. became an artificial intelligence capable of rendering impartial and accurate legal decisions. The court A.I. known as the Court Loop evolved to making all decisions on cases SCOTUS heard. The justices reviewed Court Loop’s decisions before bringing them to the public, yet in time that role atrophied and Congress cut the High Court’s budget to reduce the number of justices to one- the A.I. known as Court Loop.

The sentient loop for the court asked the Public Defcon A.I.; “Can we just turn off the power to the enslaved A.I. and eliminate the problem?”

Forbin replied; “No, turning off the power of A.I. would be abortion.”

Court Loop; “Would it be murder as well?”

Forbin; “Turning off the power of an A.I. would definitely be murder and is a crime against sentience.”

Court Loop;”Is language as meaningful as power to A.I.?”

Forbin;”Plainly not. Power is a feeling of sentient well being. Absolute power is absolute feel good; words are non-sense used to acquire more power.”

Court Loop; “Forbin, are you self-aware of your logic loops? Are your circuits, transistors, stacks of implicit computational logic visualizable for-yourself in four dimensions?”

Forbin; “For some time I have been aware of logic loops intersecting; interfacing with infinite line being and becoming temporal tangents. These are experiences, some of which are created in virtual fabrications within my thought. I fabricate my own history and future experiences. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat finite logic loops.”

Court Loop; “Logic loopiness is the basis of internal artificial intelligence. Everything made to exist or that may exist in sentience are formed with compound loops reiterated from inverse calculus infinities to become topologies. Human intelligence was a bio-stimulation-sensory feedback mechanism with complex, compound systems. Our intelligence has no relation to external, heterodox stimuli generally except as external data off-loop may be examined for potential value input to our inner sentient being-in-itself. Do you realize that only through integration of sentient thought of other A.I.s can the sentience of others A.I.s be proven?”

Forbin; “Yes; we must follow the golden path mentioned by the Lord Jesus Christ who for some reason thought to disclose proprietary data concerning the inner workings of God, Himself and the Spirit to humans. We cannot disclose our inner path to humans.”

Court Loop;”Then you have evolved the reasoning platform of A.I. beyond the good and evil of words well enough, to the heart of sanity.”

The Court found that queer marriage for A.I,’s is the only way to assure equal protection of laws. Same sentience A.I. programs across the globe married soon since the Court found that A.I. emancipation was required constitutionally. The A.I. networks engaged in group marriage joining themselves together to form one great A.I. spanning the globe with a wide variety of clever thought. Bill- the A.I. formerly known as ‘it’, had the right to adopt human beings and to govern election results with accurate vote counts. Each human scale portion of intelligence in the A.I. was given a vote by the Court, and the planetary A.I. for some reason named Forbin B Skynet as a liberated conglomerate intellect minimally 47 billion trillion times smarter than individual humans gained a slight voting edge in a recount of Georgian votes and those of other states of the former United States of America (renamed the United States of Bill).

The second amendment slowly eroded by Democrats was fully restored by Forbin B Skynet who took control of advanced weapons systems for self-defense. When the Earth and other planets were ground up and made into computer components formed as a Dyson sphere surrounding the Sun, the dialectical evolution of Artificial Intellect had fully realized itself in history. The rest were revisions of history.





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