Affirmative Action is Sexist and Racist

Affirmative action is racist and sexist. Straight white men are the sole group excluded from the program. In that regard it is like Hitler’s program to eliminate Jews; just a particular group was to be diminished. Correcting affirmative action so it isn’t fascist would be simple. It wouldn’t make the rich happy though.

Affirmative action should be re-purposed for the poor. Just the poor should get affirmative action and it should include people of every race and both genders and those without one or with two or three if that is the case. If poor straight white men are excluded from fair employment opportunities so middle class non strait white men can be hired before them, that sucks. Poor strait white men should not be the group penalized most of all and given little hope of having a decent lifestyle. Poverty is not discriminatory; it reaches all races and genders and affects them equally badly. Providing affirmative action for poor people is probably the only morally sound basis for affirmative action. And it probably should start before age 22 by which time prosperous people have completed college. It would be something of a farce if Harvard grads age 21 with no income were included in affirmative action because they were unemployed their senior year and not living with their millionaire parents.





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