Predestination and Evolution

One wonders about destiny and if the future is simply set yet generally unknown for every individual. Then the worm in the apple arises of evolution. The question that follows is; can destiny be compatible with evolution?

Is it possible for life on Earth or in the Democrat Party to evolve if they already have a destiny? Can blind, random chance govern the Democrat Party or life on Earth? Plainly it is easy to see that institutions have inertia as solid as that Of President Joe Biden following along destined courses that are a result of preceding courses. Destiny may perhaps be conditional and partial and set by the possible range of human behaviors or patterns of being inherent in material objects. Rocks for instance tumble down a talus slope rather than floating against gravity uphill.

The matter of degrees of motion appears in question concerning destiny. I am giving the quality of pre-destination to the definition of destiny in order not to have the term be nothing more than an after-the-fact historical description of what occurred. In some cases destiny could apply to particular circumstances yet not generally to everything. It is also possible that everything is pre-determined except for a few special exceptions. If humans have original sin and are destined to eternal hell for instance, it might be that being saved by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ is the sole exception to that pervasive species-wide destiny.

Prima facia the entire Universe that is matter appears to be pre-determined by the thermodynamic characteristics of matter. Matter evolves through thermodynamics from a low state of entry or disorganization to a high state of entropy; the most disorganized. Cosmology today has the initial state of energy/mass (they need to be regard as equal or convertible states) being highly organized and maybe with just a tiny sliver or no entropy at all in a super-compact singularity containing everything that would ever exist or help to exist the matter and energy of the Universe *(Some of the initial matter was annihilated by antimatter leaving just a tiny fraction of what started to exist in existence. That CP invariance and annihilated stuff could be accountable for odd and unexplained things of interest to theoretical physicists such as dark matter, dark energy and the accelerating rate of expansion of space yet maybe not of time *(if space expands at an increasing space and space-time comprise one phenomenon a  common sense, easy assumption would be that time expands too). Human intelligence would be the most indeterministic phenomenon to occur in a deterministic Universe wherein everything except sentience is pre-destined. The concept of a Universe or Multiverse being predestined because of the physics yet being subverted by sentience and evolved to an undetermined state presents and interesting implicit contradiction of states of being.

Global warming is a good example of a pre-destined physical system of the Earth and Solar system being subverted by sentient or semi-sentient human action. The Earth was on track for a healthy multi-billion year life span able to support non-sentient life yet sentience appeared and is making the atmosphere unsuitable for sustaining much life. Humans may be included as non-innocent victims within their warming assault weapons attack on the ecosphere. Human politicians can claim innocence of the global warming and Anthropocene era mass extinction activities and do. That shows that dumb sentience and false sentience can also subvert destined physical structures like an ecosphere. Evolution theory is a good excuse for disregarding subversion of physical systems as it provides a que sera, sera; whatever will be will be logic of destiny latent in nature to global warming deniers as well as the denial of environmental reality opportunity, though humans as non-destined beings because of sentience as exempt from the destiny of the solar system to a great extent.

Destiny in nature may be hotly denied by Democrats in preference of a blind, random chance, natural selection, Darwinized/Heisenbergian uncertainty with all values and perceptions subjective and relativistic. Truth is a matter of opinion and unrelated to material facts except as the artist as a young Democrat choose to construct a narrative on the canvas of free expression. Some of those paradigms are mutually exclusive or at least reciprocally antipathetic; yiu may choose to decide which if determined to do so. It appears to me that matter and energy are destined and predetermined and that the forms quantum particles take are limited and determined. One may speculate that the variables of boundary conditions for forms of possible Universes are infinite, yet each universe that arose should have thereafter a destiny in determined physical values. In each Universe sentience would be the indeterministic element that could reset all of the physical values of a Universe theoretically. That is a good reason for belief that the possibility of just this one universe existing is solid.

Adam and Eve were thrown out of a garden in Eden that apparently was quite phenomenal with each of the pair being without thermodynamic aging. Eve didn’t give birth and Adam didn’t need to work the book of Genesis relates through strict inference. They were relocated somewhere beyond an Eden guarded by four angels that appear suspiciously like four dimensions of space-time. They had eaten of the tree of knowledge (sentience and intelligent philosophical thought) and barred from eating more from the tree of life (everlasting). The paradigm seems something like an omniscient Being preventing willfully disobedient, somewhat blunder-prone programming neophytes from messing around with html code on internet web sites. Such site messing unintended to be malware or viruses can take down web sites. If Adam and Eve in the garden had access to the html code or programming structure of destined structures of existing, past or future universes and wrenched their physical values that might be very bad indeed for the health of creatures living in them.

It might be the case that physical constants and variables for the boundary conditions of universes are pre-determined one the values are set, unless sentient beings within them change the natural course of evolving events. Original sin means that sentient beings (at least humans) are included for divine accounting purposes perhaps, with the destined mass of the universe to some eternal hell just below absolute zero. Scientists have speculated that the temperature just below absolute zero is infinitely hot-however that could be and be consistent with the paradigm even of a singularity or containment of temperature and mass to limited areas. Boyles law regarding the expansion and temperature of gas (or was that Boltzmann?) would seem to preclude infinite high temperature except within a limited area. Infinite heat should also require infinite energy and that appears even more improbable outside of a structure for containment like that of a singularity of zero-dimension and zero-size at which point it should have no destiny for it has no time or space and has already arrived at a terminal destination.





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