Ukraine War; Liberating Livers for Transplant to Alcoholics

 As a population ages and has longer life spans modern medical technology allows transplants for patients with bad livers from decades of three martini lunches etc. As the average age of Europeans has increased there probably is a greater demand for liver transplants. There tends to be a shortage of livers to transplant because livers of people dying from natural causes tend to be old and not too valuable for a transplant. Livers of younger people of military age would be more toward the optimal side of prospects for wealthy people on waiting lists for spare body parts to extend their lives.

Where to get more livers for those waiting is a troubling question. Apparently Europeans and even Americans travel to India and who knows where to get operations with organs sometimes sold by donors, and sometimes reportedly harvested illegally from unwilling victims. A war is Eastern Europe may provide a generation of wealthy insiders with liver damage from martini and single malt scotch drinking relief. The prospect is ugly. War, death and the harvest of body parts to transplant are ugly topics too; therefore I thought I would mention the possibility of the casualties of war becoming a supply for an organ transplant or medical research industry since I haven’t read about it anywhere.

Not only can military personnel be swiftly evacuated from a battlefield to treatment centers these days, so very likely can be the dead or organs harvested from the dead. Potentially there are tens of thousands of livers available for transplants to a generation of Europeans on waiting lists. Fulfillment of hopes for life extension for the rich can be accomplished as an unintended consequence of combat in Europe’s back yard. If local wars are piñatas of body parts for same day transport to organ centers around Europe where sick rich people are waiting for install, maybe detailed statistical analysis of the phenomenon, if it exists, should be made for educational and historical purposes.





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