War, Energy and Inflation

Democrats can blame the nation’s woes on Russia <Russian aggression> yet a strong nation leads in dancing rather than being led. If Democrat Presidents since Bill Clinton had led to peace and good relations with Russia that is what would exist. Denying Russia its traditional Ukraine lands led to war. The same applies to global warming reduction and alternate energy; if Democrats had led instead of following the nation would be energy independent for all seasons and inflation would not be making food too expensive for some Americans. The Biden administration should use its final few months of enjoying a complete Democrat majority in Congress to bring into  being a new national energy structure that would be transformative and green.

Building a national super-conducting loop from L.A to Jacksonville, then north to New York and west to Chicago and Seattle before turning south to L.A. should be part of a new energy infrastructure. It would be designed to allow countless ad hoc energhy sources from wind, solar, fuel cells, hydroelectric etc to feed into the loop for frictionless storage and transfer around the nation. The superconductor would be immersed in liquid hydrogen made with eletrolysis along the coasts, and excess hydrogen could itself be a fuel fed into the hyperloop pipeline. Electric vehicles could draw power in-line along highways with buried electric cables. Fuel costs should stabilize and drop along with air pollution from fossil fuels burning point sources.

Some Americans are fior building new nuclear power plants. They are a temptation for energy producer profits as well as for clump pile target for value adding casualties in war. To construct piles of radiological death around the nation would be somewhatg militarily short-sghted I.m.o. Drone aircraft as well as land will continue to evolve. A single freighter offshore could launch a cloud of drones with conventional explosives able to independently fly below radar to nuclear plants and detonate. Building an infrastructure of deadly mass causalty producing radiological depots (that also produce electricity) simply isn’t necessary. The 9-11 collapse of the World Trade Towers should have demonstrated the vulnerability of select infrastructure to select force delivery packages. Drones could be the next wave of mass attacking vectors that will enfilade American infrastructure vulnerabilities.





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