Western Leadership

Western leadership is digging the west a deeper hole in driving a wedge deep between East and West. Strategically the west was in a great global position before the Clinton administration when its prospects for peace and prosperity through friendly Chinese and Russian relations were excellent. Unfortunately the Clinton administration bungled the development of peace by wresting all of Ukraine and Crimea away from its traditional, historical owner Russia. Conflict reduces market size and increases completion. Conflicting building a divided world market and consumer base reduces efficiency, forces deleterious ecospheric effects and generalizes the persistence of poverty.

High school education in good public schools offered primarily just three courses. They were state history, national history and Western Civilization. Western civilization mostly sketched in Western European history and the age of exploration to the Americas, yet it generally omitted Russian and Eastern European history except as the Hapsburgs or Napoleon was involved. Americans of the boomer generation learned about France, Germany, Italy, Spain etc and nothing about Russia. The Cold War version 1.0 cemented their very biased political worldview. Bill Clinton was educated in England at Oxford University. England has a long history of imperialism and enmity was Russia reaching back to the 1600s. Those facts reinforced Bill Clinton’s world view leading him to fail to comprehend that levering Ukraine entirely away from Russia after the Cold War ended would bring a future war when Russia grew strong enough to take it back. The Democrat Party exhibited a failure to adapt to new political reality and instead used the old Cold War template of permanent enmity toward Russia unto the present day. The U.S.A. isn’t the first nation in history that failed to adapt their political paradigm correctly to new circumstances. Britain on the other hand was a nation that succeeded in adapting to great political changes. Though they failed to keep their empire alive and healthy via progressing to improving the political economy of the people of their colonies, when their empire finally failed in the 1960s they learned to play international trade markets well, and the United States became the blaster to their master role. Britain has learned to play the Democrat Party and select fellow travelling Republicans like a political banjo.

President Reagan’s grand vision of a world without nuclear weapons and peaceful, cooperative relations with a post-Soviet Russia was enabled perhaps by early stages of Alzheimer’s, because no U.S. President since was able to keep or build upon the concept. Maybe R.R. was selected by God to lead the U.S.A. to a new age. When Americans saw the opportunity for peace and prosperity they turned toward the devil morally and piled up public debt. In comparison to Ronald Reagan, U.S. Presidents since have been runts, with the exception of G.H.W. Bush (41) about whom I will make a brief comment.

President Bush 41 was the last intelligent, capable U.S. President with a competent world view. It took him a little time to adapt yet he was able to follow up on R.R.’s nuclear drawdown policy quite well. 41 was competent in international affairs, yet might yet seemed to have a politically fatal flaw. As a spook leader C.I.A. Director he was in his realm of competence. He took a degree in economics Phi Beta Kappa as an undergraduate. The U.S. has taken to electing crass populists, bureaucrats and lawyers to the White House without competence in ecospheric economics, strategic international relations paradigmata, national security or eliminating poverty and public debt, and is happy in divisive, causative, toxic politics and broadcast media raving.

The strategic interests of the United States globally were far better served with a mutual peaceful and friendly relationship with Russia and China instead of war. The present Ukraine war has been allowed by Democrats to fundamentally divide the world into two political and economic camps, and Wall Street and the west are far better served with just one.

China has great growth prospects economically and is better positioned in the long run to develop business and trade with the second and third world than the neo-imperialist west. China and Russia united in a trade and business relationship is very powerful and loaded with human and natural resources that will be direct competition with the west. With all of the piled on sanctions and efforts to designate Russia as a sponsor of state terrorism the west is deepening the division of the economy of the world and that is bad for business as well as the global ecosphere.

Democrat policy to divide the world appears to be a result of a immature interpretation of world history biased to a left-brain only basis with simple eastward expansion of the EU and N.A.T.O. eastward into Eastern Europe and Russia being logical. Three Democrat Presidents including Bill Clinton have successively deepened hostile relations with Russia. Even now the war in Ukraine could be stopped in two weeks with American pressure and negotiations to cede Donbas to Russia as well as the coastal areas in holds. Russia would be obliged to normalize relations with the west and Ukraine and to demilitarize its new Ukrainian possessions. Ending sanctions all around with actual peace, prosperity and reconstruction developing would proceed.

The United States in a divided world political economy competing for African, Latin American and Eurasian business begins with nearly 31 trillion dollars of public debt and national income concentrating to the few. Increased military expenses will become protracted. Meanwhile a world external proletariat will continue to migrate mostly illegally to the United States. American business will continue to rely on Chinese manufacturing and imports with corporations invested in China owning less than 49% with Chinese partners owning 51% or more. Those challenges are or were avoidable preponderantly and shouldn’t be exacerbated by digging a deeper hole with Russia though it is convenient rhetorically to do so. Western leadership may prefer to blame Russia and especially President Putin for inflation, the high cost of gasoline, failure to get anything done in the environment and designating nuclear power as a green energy source however the west itself is a full partner, minimally, in withering its own economic prospects and cutting itself down to size.

The immature far western European worldview of Eurasia held by the Clinton administration can lead to peaceful coexistence in the world in spite of itself. China, Russia, Europe, The U.S.A. and other nations exist in the world and will need to get along and conduct business at some point with unacceptable mass die offs of population being the basic alternative. The point for Americans is that getting to world peace through a divided world and gradual reduction of the western strategic economic position in favor of hegemony by China globally is less useful for the west and getting there directly through peace and prosperity in an undivided world with a restored ecosphere in progress. Democrat party planks that undermine the security of the United States at home and globally are numerous. Digging a deeper hole appears to be the unavoidable direction that party has obsessively selected. It makes for an interesting world.





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