California Governor Basically Attacks U.S. Constitution

California’s Governor Newsom signed in to law a bill allowing citizens to sue other citizens for exercising their constitutional right to keep and bare arms. He modeled the bill on a Texas law allowing citizens to sue abortion providers. Apparently he doesn’t know the founders did not put a constitutional right to abortion in the original document or amendments thereafter. Letting citizens sue citizens for exercising constitutionally protected rights is a direct attack on the constitution of the United States. The Newsome anti-build a gun kit law sets a precedent for liberal lawsuits on every constitutionally protected right. The Newsome model would let a globe of lawsuits contradicting constitutional rights like the right of women to vote and freedom from slavery.

For some reason Democrats don’t seem to comprehend the ramifications of their approach to gerrymandering constitutional liberties. For instant gratification Democrats make very dangerous attacks on the pillars U.S. government legislative rules, and constitutional rights in addition to unstatesmanlike foreign policy. At least the nation can be confident that Democrat Party leadership will continue to seem to be disingenuous or indolent and never get an advanced new energy infrastructure built that creates hydrogen gas from electrolysis to make a liquid hydrogen cooled super-conducting electrical grid that synergizes greenhouse gas reduction and clean energy independence.

Bad politics and daft politicians are an empirical threat rather than an existential one. The difference is this; existential viewpoints are individual rather than common or empirical. What is an existential threat to one person may be beneficence to another. An empirical threat is a pervasive threat to all within a realm. That kind of threat usually arrives from space, from deep in the Earth, or from Washington D.C.





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