Book ends justify the means of Demo plot construction?

The end of a book; the conclusion, can justify a lot of plot twists when it’s good enough. Fiction narratives and perhaps Democrat party narratives with the logger’s flummery sending lumber racing downhill in water chutes like bobsleds have linear and simple force with nothing to the sides. Novels nearly never have unintended consequences such as characters being deleted from other books as the reader moves along a plot’s time line from the alpha of page one to the omega point of the last paragraph. In the real world actions and structured special designs implemented en mass or even in isolation from the mainstream may develop innumerable unintended effects as the plot develops.

Plot does have a somewhat dangerous connotation these days. Perhaps that’s useful to authors trying to discover the art of selling books, less so for the “right wing extremist” groups that are a bete noir for NPR and other left-wing corporatist broadcast outfits. The Democrat Party appears to have a Ludlum title progressive aggressive agenda of forcing things their way as standard practice. The F.B.I. legal break in to former President Trump’s Florida club paradise to take back classified materials removed from the Executive Branch while he was in office was the most recent blatant example of the use of maximum force where legally possible. One can imagine federal officers busting into the homes of Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln with a warrant to seize materials when they were out of office; that would likely have caused quite a stir.

Unfortunately a man was killed by law enforcement officers after trying to attack F.B.I. personnel. He was very upset with the breach of respect for former President Trump. The deceased took the idea of direct action too seriously; he thought he could start a war against Democrats most likely as the tip of the spear sacrificing his life. Any sort of revolutionary war against the U.S. military is completely ludicrous without the use of biological weapons of mass destruction- and that is an extreme case of calling friendly fire down upon one’s own position to end the swarm of opposition forces overrunning one’s position. Modern weapons used even by infantry are far better than a generation ago and civilians simply haven’t the stuff to resist violently even in well organized militias.

President Biden seems to be a very dangerous man because of his position and lack of awareness of the harm to American economic and social interests that the Democrat Party polices bring. He is an insider Senator sine qua non who pursued the highest elected office for decades and finally got it after an apprenticeship with Barrack Hussein Obama. He has completed the Democrat’s foundational infrastructure for decades of conflict and enmity with two of the three largest nuclear weapons powers on Earth.

 With Germany seeking to build a natural gas pipeline from Portugal to replace the Nordstrom pipeline from Russia the plot can be inferred to be intended to last for a generation. That may increase natural gas costs a little in the U.S.A. and build a political wall between the west and the east of Eurasia. Wall Street’s investing opportunities will be reduced while Democrats build an isolationist wall between East and West. National independence is valuable; blocking free trade with sanctions is not

A full range of economic and environmental lost potential might be remedied with a new Republican-led Congress until a Republican President can be elected to find a way to end the Ukraine conflict and fully restore relations with Russia and China. A divided world isn’t a good plot at this point on history as demographic, environmental and resource challenges face everyone on Earth. When one is digging a hole contra to public interests, it is said the first thing one should do is to stop digging.

Epistemology is a philosophical field inquiring into knowledge and how it occurs. Maybe subjective knowledge is comparable to computer flash memory. One interesting thing is that even though being is self-aware with knowledge the kernels of data one has, develops or experiences, knowledge is also awareness of self-awareness. The entire experience of knowledge is phenomenal apparently. It disappears like a beautiful sunset and August harvest moon deserving capture in a jejune poem hyperbolizing the glories of August making one wistful in January for those dog days. Bad and maladroit U.S. politics are phenomenal though they are concatenated serial praxis of ad hoc Democrat Party agenda and corporatize leadership. Domestic political thought need be more than a kid’s rhyme adaptation for adults where Democrat censors of social media live by the code; ‘Fe Fi Fo Flum I spell the blood of a Republican; be they alive or be they dead I’ll grind their bones and paint them red.





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