Another Cash (and loot) For Clunkers Presidential Race in 2024?

The U.S. electorate should pick a President the way George Steinbrenner picked players for the Yankees. He always got the best available. When a player isn’t at the top of his game with great ideas vote him or her out of office directly. The nation needs a succession of intelligent Presidents with great new and innovative ecological economic and technological development ideas who can liberate the poor, and secure democracy against rich international corporatists more concerned with hiding cash offshore and relocating blue and white collar jobs to offshore locations with the cheapest quality workforce and low taxes available. Presidential selection should be regarded as a team relay with the fastest, brightest Americans chosen from any field rather than career bureaucrats that have evolved their way to the top by outliving rivals.

The President of the United States is one of the few most powerful leaders on Earth and should act with a mind toward benefiting America first and foreign nations too. The President should be a peacemaker though carrying a big stick for armed neutrality. The President should seek to bring the second and third world through ecological economic innovation that can develop a better standard of living without harming the ecosphere. There are many responsibilities for quality leadership sadly lacking in 4 out of 5 Presidents that made it to office recently.

Equal protection of the law is the fundamental element of the U.S. spirit in partnership with freedom for individual self-determination. Blood lines of marriage are a fundamental and indispensable intrinsic nature of families and individuals.  Homosexual marriage breaks that up and undermines the freedom of individuals, and of individual security when family bloodlines and dissipated and corporate power to rule and control society generally rises. Ubiquitous surveillance and lives packaged and marketed for consumption in an amoral, generic social environment entails solid threats to human culture in an overpopulated world.  Singapore recently passed a more reasonable approach in banning homosexual marriage while decriminalizing homosexuality that conserves the integrity of mass culture, family bloodlines and respect for human beings that the U.S. Supreme Court flunked. Every individual in a free, democratic society deserves personal security and equal protection of the law. When human culture is broken and people are regarded as blobs of biomass of no meaningful gender differentiation in an amoral, atheist subjectivity to the rich as resources to be allocated or phased out for the benefit of elites that will inherit the Earth, the President should be one to correct that egression and set the nation on a strait rather than crooked path.





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