Democrats build up Perfect Economic Storm

The United States economy is heavily invested in foreign production; especially in Asia.  China’s emergence after the Cold War 1.0 into being a major trading partner of the United States was fomented by its vast market demographics, low labor costs for productivity and people culturally trained first in Confucian then Maoist ethics evolving toward mixed capitalism and enterprise that drew western investers. China in the 1990s was an emerging global economic power eager to throw off the shackles of poverty that had kept it in a second or even third world status decades before. Democrat policies to develop enmity over Taiwan and Chinese support for Russia’s position regarding the west and Ukraine in particular are a key element of the Democrat Party’s construction of the perfect economic and environmental storm that may lead ahead to depression.

Sure it is good occasionally to enjoy irrational exuberance and optimism in order not to walk into self-fulfilling prophecies to malaise and bankruptcy. Optimism as a construction tool for do-it-yourselfers of any scale need be coupled with actualizable plans and work. Trusting in economic optimism for itself, or about good weather in disregard of tornado warnings, hurricane storm tracking and quantitative political and financial analysis is political malpractice when it’s the President moving down the wrong path like a horse wearing blinders. Financing an avoidable war with Russia is the U.S. leaping morons on fire into the troubles of the old world. War was second nature to Europeans and even Asians; the United States should not easily be drawn into those lunatic conflicts when possible; much less finance them. The only reason Europeans including Brits were less warlike since 1945 is WW II was a block buster and the rise of nuclear weapons discouraged precipitate engagement in new conflicts. The United States took the lead for the west in waging wars instead of finding solutions in its nuclear empowerment era. Today most people on Earth probably regard the U.S.A. as the most active belligerent nation on Earth pro war, though some conflicts were hard to avoid. Leadership to better ways is required for good, rather than evil, political leadership. The United States as an emerging godless, atheist power that doesn’t know the difference between good and evil except for purposes of partisan rhetoric may have trouble finding Christian leadership in Eurasia that would have good sense and recalcitrance to engage in mass conflicts.

In the past, the U.S. Government has bailed out major financial and auto manufacturing establishments that failed financially; that may not be possible with large scale failures of U.S. businesses invested in China. There is also a temptation for U.S. business to sever ties with U.S. employees and simply move operations entirely to China; the workers are paid far less than American financial sector and service workers and exports to the United States could continue. Apple is such a possible corporation that could profit handsomely if it fired its U.S. staff and decided to just hire Chinese workers and American workers willing to relocate to China. When force and stress is applied across the board to U.S. businesses because of recession caused by Democrat Party and media policies/implementation corporate leaders are compelled to make hard choices (maybe to move) that they wouldn’t otherwise. Gradual evolution might have continued and economic exodus never have occurred. If Pharaoh had liberated the Jews they might not have needed to escape captivity with divine help and could have developed the Egyptian economy as well as that of Israel..

The American economy may be mostly financial related and service workers today. It probably produces less material goods as a percentage of its economy in comparison to China and other nations than it has ever before. Many of those financial sector jobs as well as U.S. headquarters employment for businesses that produce in China could be lost to China and elsewhere in a second wave of jobs leaving the United States that were in the first wave mostly manufacturing. No amount of unskilled illegal aliens entering the United States, that mostly don’t pay taxes at any rate, will replace those better paying financial sector jobs lost to foreign competition. Blue collars lost offshore were the first wave, the second wave will be the loss of white collar jobs.

It is ironic that Democrat Party policy to support foreign wars indirectly and to leave wars directly if involved personally has yet to quit support for Ukraine when it would be in the interests of the U.S.A. to do so. Russia may have realized that it erred in trusting the west at all when it built the Nordstrom gas pipeline to Europe instead of China and it probably is building a pipeline to the more stable and reliable for growth prospects Chinese economy or plans to. In failing to recognize Russian interests in Ukraine that are historically valid in spite of being victimized by one of the greatest carpet-bagging land-grab swindles in human history perpetrated in 1994 by President Clinton Democrats have invested in building a lasting rift with Russia and thereby forcing it to become China’s perfect natural resource supplier and perhaps partner in defending Asia against Western encroachment and expansion eastward.

Russia has been converted into a insulator and backstop for China against flanking by Wall Street from the East. India with its large population is working with Russia too. Russia may become a midway for trade and business between China and India. Roads and pipelines may develop, especially if Russia’s Muslim population finds itself able to coordinate friendly trade relations with corridors crisscrossing shared borders. The United States is somewhat irrelevant in that scenario except as a military threat.

Democrat have partnered with Wall Street to compel immoral choices upon the nation.  It was better to take a Singaporean approach to homosexual marriage than the Obama-Roberts, for Singapore recognizes the cultural values of others rather than just one side preferred by wealthy elitists. Democrat assumptions that the core of the U.S.A. will remain a constant while they as globalists can compel global culture to take up Democrat Party values are wrong.  When corporate wealth awakens to the India-China market and relocates its wealth abroad including intellectual capital, in pursuit of profit; while the U.S. economy falters and millions of poorly educated workers relocate here, and while public debt increases the U.S.A. will still have a vast nuclear arsenal and modern military. The world will not be a safer place divided as global warming changes accelerate and myopic politicians strive for a better standard of living based on conventional economics and dwindling natural resources for their patrons.

In dividing the world economy in order to try to force conquest of Russia’s valid historical claims to Ukraine the Democrat Party has imperiled the global economy at a time when it should be providing leadership to transition to sustainable ecological economic policy instead of classical economics that have existed since the Industrial Revolution. Russia did invade Ukraine, yet they already owned it in a sense.  Russia may have been like an absent vineyard owner returning to throw out predators that had killed his caretaking son and claimed the breadbasket and vineyard of Russia for-themselves. The Democrat Party never gave Russia any chance to use legal remedies as alternatives to war since the Clinton-Yeltsin paper took Ukraine away from weakened, vulnerable Russia in 1994. The Democrat Party has substituted hatred of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump for economic reason. Besides failing to take adequate steps to halt the ongoing mass extinction that may lead to the end of human life too, they are f’ing up the classical economy and setting the nation on course for recession, depression or break up.

The United States has millions of boomers leaving the economy forever and drawing on public retirement payments. Not all want to retire either. Some were put out of work by Covid closures and others are too poor not to need to work into their 70s. Obamacare did nothing for retirees; if one gets the minimum $500 social security check they would still need to pay at least $200 to $250 for Medicare plan B medical coverage. Realistically if Americans have fewer than $15,000 annually to live on full Medicare benefits should be free. Dividing the global economy and throwing the United States into recession will just make it that much harder for older Americans to get work in an economy that would rather hire young illegal aliens and discriminates against the elderly anyway.

The U.S. government so mangled up by Democrats may not be able to bail out failed U.S. business not big enough to not be allowed to fail. The big companies can simply relocate to Asia and let the United States enter a lasting slump. Senior benefits could be reduced or lost entirely if there is war domestically after a time of chaos. Public education may collapse; government may be reduced to minimal infrastructure vital services costing just a fraction of the present.

Without much credibility the dollar may not be trusted enough to allow full faith and credit in doubling the public debt to bail out the economy with a flood of Keynesian permanent priming. Basically there isn’t a way to make stupidity work efficiently, and new methods and styles need be developed to create a healthy national economy and ecosphere.





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