Transpuckic Journalists Punk Mass Extinction

Contemporary broadcast journalism in the United States evolved from neutral observer presentations of the 1960s and 70s to adversarial journalism where-imp journalists interviewed and pieced together stories to prove points of narratives with transpuckic broadcast shots on the goal of reinforcing and advancing power to benefit special interests. Transpucktional reporting is adversarial, builds narratives with pieces of truth that support semi-fiction narratives, omitting exculpatory counter-tangential facts and other materials non-supportive of preferred narrative themes.

Some broadcast organizations have solid bias toward evolving narratives appealing to viewers or listeners demographically. Female reporters spin stories and narratives toward evolution of female power. Black, Latino and homosexual reporters spin stories and narratives toward evolving same race and perversion political and social power. One of the primary troubles with that sort of journalistic approach is the harm that it does to general social relations in polarizing the polity. Ukraine’s government said that if you support Russia or Putin then you can’t go on vacation in Europe. I hate it when foreign politicians make threatening statements to the world at large including Americans. Puppet governments of the uber rich need media support to force support for their goals.

Americans that have seen European Vacation and have given thought to visiting Europe might want to rethink that. Besides being too expensive, if they have written contrary to the will of the Ukraine government they would need to look under their rental cars for plastic explosives that Ukrainian operatives might have planted. Ukraine’s harm to democracy is matched only be the stupidity of Speaker Pelosi and other Democrats that have done everything they can to antagonize China and push it toward the Russian side of potential nuclear war.  I too have supported Taiwan’s independence. Steady moral and military support plus business was good enough; walk quietly and carry a big stick was all that was needed to de frappe a Chinese invasion. The Von Pelosi in-your-face Nancy-on-scene approach was simply stupid and harmful to trade and national security. President Trump was at least pragmatic and sane on foreign affairs unlike Democrats. Democrats are posers with the belief that exhibitionism, aggression and deceit are the only virtues.

Ukraine’s mafia-government hatred of pluralistic free speech is shared by the U.S. Democrat Party, select social media goons and journalist fellow traveler opponents of free expression of political and historical ideas/interpretations other than their own collective screeds. It is disgusting that the U.S. Government funds Ukraine’s effort to consolidate President Von Clinton’s theft of Soviet-Russian land, nuclear power plants and ports, though understandable given Democrat disbelief in morality or truth besides personal proprietary goals in evolution for-itself.

The Democrat Party since President Bill snuffed every avenue to peace and prosperity with Russia that it could find. Russia was left with no legal remedies to the greatest land swindle of modern times. War is the logic of kings, and democracy too. When reason fails all around, when international truth is defined by elites for-themselves through their media and puppets rule western governments, war is inevitable if anyone has the capacity to resist. Instead of a new era of environmental economics the Democrat party funds war, deaths and the pollution it brings. It would have been, and still is, feasible to end the conflict with a settlement in place. If the U.S. Government would work for that goal it is improbable that Ukraine would continue the war long or that Europe would wage a proxy war against Russia without American support.

A polarized polity has constituents defending their own goals against adversarial shots on goal by opponents. Personal defenses and party defenses to survive hostile transpuckic reporting set abstract goals like avoiding the sixth mass extinction or at least surviving it to the back. People focus on worthless, avoidable, immediate, clear and present hostile narrative use-truths from transpucktional media wing persons of interest at the forefront of politics instead. One cannot claim that Democratic party policy is intelligent. While they haven’t even learned what ecological economics are or how the U.S. economy should transition to it they are also f’ing up the classical economy and building recession. It seems as if they are doing everything they possibly can to create recession and even crash the U.S. economy into depression as if it were a preferred alternative to good reason. Normal global relations including those with Russia and China need be restored directly if perfect storms of Democrat economic and environmental stupidities are to be de frapped.

Mass public communications can be very influential and concerning. When the broadcast media is biased and slanted toward political, economic or power goals and spins speech demotic to influence the masses corruption ensues. In prior eras public corruption denying equal protection of the law to targeted individuals or groups wasn’t uncommon. Corruption social power by enjoyed by ruling classes was as common as air. If the broadcast media financed by government and corporate sponsors joins with traditional corrupt practices it may be felt that society will survive it and continue rambling on as it has always with some rough spots for small minorities. Corruption however can eclipse good politics and reforms with society and the electorate being concerned instead with public issues on the front burner created largely by interests of the corrupt. It is challenging to believe that good public political opinion to change the world economy to an ecologically sustainable one could ever develop with the polarized, divisive politics reinforced by broadcast media corruption. Unlike in times past when society and human progress could endure and advance in spite of corruption, in the present configuration civilization may fail to after a century more or less. Public corruption rots the fate of humanity stifling individual enterprise, free will and enlightenment of democracy.

The sixth mass extinction may be developing even now. It could be closer than most think. Great economic transition of method to ecospheric economic policy is called for those interested in keeping robust human life on Earth. Reporting on the sixth mass extinction by transpucktional journalists contains adverse narrative spin destroying political unification requisites for developing public political will to avoid extirpation of human society. Transpucktionalists may win the narrative and lose the war for the survival of human life on Earth.





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