N.O.A.A. named to Drown Out Belief in God?

The National Oceanic  And  Atmospheric organization isn’t at all Christian or Jewish and has obviously borrowed or expropriated an important Christian/Jewish name for itself to disrespect it, expropriate it and obfuscate the spiritual importance. It is the federal equivalent of the Washington Redskins or Cleveland Indians names that were offensive symbols to actual Amer-Indians. N.O.A.A. is a godless organization of smug scientific atheist swells too happy to disrespect private American citizens of faith when they can. N.O.A.A. claims to administer oceans and atmosphere; it does a bad job of managing fish in Alaska. I haven’t seen a fish of moderate or large size jump from saltwater since 2000. Fish catches are down or canceled all over because N.O.A.A. stinks at fish administration and probably puts the blame on some other organization managing ocean resources. Sea lions and killer whales have also been bitten by bad animal administration. Select bird species are dwindling under bad N.O.A.A. administration. Canadian wildfire smoke drifts into Alaska occasionally- does N.O.A.A. administer that? N.O.A.A. local weather forecast broadcasts have been reduced to just one day ahead of time; an inadequate quant for planning trips over-the-water for supplies. The forecast wind direction and speed is often wrong and sometimes opposite. Before growing to become swells N.O.A.A. accuracy was better and local weather prediction made five days in advance; a minimal quantity for reasonable travel planning.

Under N.O.A.A. administration the polar ice caps are shrinking. N.O.A.A. should be folded up and its tasks given unto other government agencies and outsourced to private contractors.  A more objective, impartial and residual moral government agency like N.A.S.A. could do a better job comparing and contrasting Earth conditions with those of other planets; exoplanets have atmospheres and oceans too. N.A.S.A. could hire new companies like Ocean Z or Atmosphere Z to surveil oceans and atmosphere faster, cheaper and better than N.O.A.A.  An annual list of states and point sources of pollution could be published with quantitative in-death analysis followed up with suggestion for practical remedies for each insult to oceans and atmosphere. Federal funds could be prioritized to go to states with improvements in reducing insults to oceans and atmosphere .

N.O.A.A. should be renamed Democrat Fascist Obnoxious Swells in recognition of their fine pay and benefits and federal support enabling them to tramp on poor Americans that can’t afford to have a decent standard of living in the U.S.A. ,or have the resources to move abroad with full retirement deposits like N.O.A.A. swells retiring with loot to Central America or Europe. N.O.A.A. does a terrible job of administering atmosphere; global greenhouse gases-  pollution from automobiles make bike riding without breathing exhaust challenging. Have a lungful of fossil fuel exhaust N.O.A.A.!

After being renamed D.F.O.S. former N.O.A.A. employees should hitch rides with the Coast Guard as wards of coastal sailors that might need more work providing adult supervision to D.F.O.S.  D.F.O.S. personnel should receive pay cuts along with select federal personnel sufficient to provide a minimum basic income to all Americans living on fewer than $10,000 annually. A direct transfer of $3000 from each federal worker to a poor Americans would be appropriate. IF D.F.O.S .persons could increase fishing quality in U.S. waters tenfold from 2022 stats they should be entitled to a pay bonus of $25 each.

God may not favor N.O.A.A. In fact N.O.A.A. tends to usurp the role of the almighty in Genesis to issue warnings about global sea level rises and new floods.  Everyone knows global warming and ice melting can raise the sea level. N.O.A.A. should not be so swell to believe the nation might not be better without it. If they need to expropriate Biblical names for  nefarious social conditioning purposes they might consider taking the name of Jehovah so He might slap them down as unsaved bad animals swollen with hubris. Government oppression of free speech and mockery of private citizens was commensurate with ideologues of the former Soviet Union. N.O.A.A. workers are the closest thing the nation has to an elite communist party collective. They ought to stay out of private affairs so free enterprise efforts can occur for people beside the rich.

N.O.A.A. seems disliked a covert/overt mooning of the public  putting it over America and the world. It could be the tip of the spear of Democrats partnership with an ultra rich agenda entailing secret plans for a New World Order. That could be a Democrat elitist /N.O.A.A. intention to let itself and rich insiders survive  global doom of everyone comparable to the flood that killed the lost, first human civilization perhaps on the shore of the Persian Gulf.

When global warming and mass extinction make life for humans on Earth untenable N.O.A.A. and its controllers may be aloof survivors with full pay and benefits on special ships- perhaps space ships, to outlast the apocalypse and return to resettle the Earth when everyone else is gone. N.O.A.A. can haul in a fortune while letting the atmosphere and oceans go to hell with plausible deniability, wringing their hands about the sad tragic fate of humanity during the last days. Alternatively, as a secular atheist clave of cold blooded reptiles, N.O.A.A. may lead the way to national assurance that no flesh will survive a new apocalypse.  The role reversal of Noah to God will be complete, except that instead of being God, N.O.A.A. evolves to Satan.





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