Relocate Forsaken Afghan Exiles to Revised GITMO Training Facility

Guantanamo Bay should be converted to a Job Skills Training Center for thousands of Afghan exiles that were loyalists serving the United States during the last war there. It is unconscionable that they are presently languishing in a detention facility in the desert of a nation that is not their own. If Guantanamo Bay isn’t large enough to shelter the political refugees then California could serve. California is like a foreign country providing refuge to millions of non-citizen migrants already to a few thousand Afghans should be welcome too. One of the steps required for making America great again is the rectification of the labor market so all workers are legal and a permanent underclass does not exist to make the American democracy like the Athenian democracy circa 450 B.C.  (middle class democrats were supported by slaves). Another step is to recognize and provide swift adjudication of political asylum requests and especially those whose lives were at risk for serving the U.S. military during a time of foreign war.

Afghan refugees could be vetted for security at Gitmo while learning to become dive instructors, electricians, lawyers or interpreting the lingo of blue state partisans such as “I hate Donald Trump’ and “Adam Shiff is House Intelligence Committee fuhrer”. This is the seventh year of blue state daily hate of Donald Trump that has continued interminably, perhaps to replace the Clinton 30 ear legacy of seeking to wrest control of the White House for-themselves, unto-themselves and not-for-others. Democrats fear the concept of MAGA, and rightly so since they prefer SNAFU as the perennially evolving new normal. MAGA implies that the nation needs to be better and that its policies are decayed. More than thirty trillion dollars of public debt, a degrading ecosphere and a vast left-wing social underclass of illegal workers manifestly show the nation has vast left-wing corruptions of the liberty democracies enjoy. Workers using impact drivers to screw plywood on buildings have new terminology for their work. They say things like; “I’m going to screw up a few more sheets” in a positive way. They might be illegal aliens screwing up buildings too. Democrats screw up the old fashioned way though; just ignoring Afghan refugees in need of political asylum and permanent U.S. residence. Screw up positive changes building MAGA democrats; screws fasten better than nails

Perhaps Afghan refugees were forgotten by Democrats because they are generally over-educated for use being exploited as cheap laborers, domestics, lettuce pickers and orchard pruners by Democrats’ middle and upper class plantations or half-million dollar mansions. Democrats generally benefit the middle class and the very rich and sweep the poorest and Afghan political exiles under the rug. Load those refugees one more time on large Air Force transports an move them to Guantanamo Bay or an empty military base for vetting and U.S residence. They must be as deserving as the illegal aliens flooding California and Texas being bused to D.C. so Congress can look at the fruits of its failure to secure the southern border. There should be no illegal aliens in the U.S. to provide cheap labor at all. Every worker in the U.S.A. should be legal and paid market wages without being part of a sub-class.





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