Can Republicans (Reds) Fulfill L.B.J.’s “Great Society” Dream?

After not listening to President Biden’s partisan rave continuing the “I hate Donald Trump” narrative in a major speech from what was known as Independence Hall from the City of Brotherly Hate I have given some thought to the idea of making America a Great Society again as L.B.J. attempted in his major agenda programmatic effort to end poverty in the United States. Since then the Democrat Party has allowed the nation to be flooded with illegal workers that undermine the value of wage labor in the U.S.A. keeping many Americans living at or below poverty level Millions of illegal migrant workers also have provided a sub-class that can’t vote or pay taxes so Democrats can give stimulus checks to the rich and middle classes during times of crisis and leave the sub-class out. The underclass is a national labor caste that provides servants for the middle class like child care, house cleaning and construction at prices not quite as satisfying as slave labor. Democrat middle class employers of illegals of course don’t usually need to pay for housing or medical costs for the illegal labor caste either, as employers of slaves once did. That raises an interesting historical point for research though; what did Confederate slave owners do with retired black slaves; just work them until they dropped dead or was their some sort of retirement housing for them?

President Biden successfully took his tired self to his home state to make a partisan hack attack on Republicans, MAGA and former President Trump. Apparently gathering what I can from hear-say reports of the speech the President descried ultra plus vite extremist faster than a speeding bullet, insurrectionist revolutionary political opponents that don’t recognize that he won the election in 2020. So I am not sure what to think. Can Democrats controlling the house form another committee or two to investigate unAmerican activities by the most extreme reds and maybe purge them from government and Hollywood where they make movies like Full Metal Jacket, Magnum Force and Sudden Impact? Can Democrats make Congress a unicameral legislature with just themselves in it? What will happen to the nation if the narrative that Donald Trump is bad and a red collusionist with Vladimir Putin to overturn Democracy and make it fascist loses force? People wearing Nazi helmets on motorcycles and maybe in Honda Prius’s make be increasing in number. I saw an Hispanic motorcyclist riding a chopper with a Nazi helmet a couple years ago, although it could have been a gray neo-U.S. armed services imitation helmet used to cover the ears so people won’t know if the rider is listening to N.P.R. with earbuds.

Since Democrats labeled Republicans ‘Reds’ when the Cold War 1.0 was ended by Republicans with help from the late last President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev the time may be right for making America a great society again following in L.B.J.’s footsteps. L.B.J. it is sometimes thought, may have died of a broken heart from all of the combat casualties in Vietnam and ineffectiveness of his Great Society program at ending poverty in the United State. He wasn’t able to run for a second term as President. It is difficult to choose which dream is true; that of purging the nation of the Red menace and its insurrection that goes on forever like a myocardial infarction until the Democrat Party dominates everything for Wall Street in the name of Joe Biden, or one of the other dreams.

The American Dream, the Dream of Martin Luther King, Footprints in the Sand, Spill the Wine Dream, On the Threshold of a Dream, DACHA Dream, The Red Dream, Joe Biden’s boyhood dream visiting Independence hall of standing within it as President brilliantly speaking defending the nation against terrible Red threats to Democracy, Lao Tze’s Dream of the Butterfly or Man Disjunctive Forced Option etc. present many choices; how can all dreams be real or validated? The House UnAmerican Activities investigation could impanel a Too Tell The Truth subcommittee to bring before it representatives of all the the dreams to determine which one is really real.

Republicans can Make America Great Again with extremist legislation of they can recapture the House. Maybe they could form an American activities committee to discover what happened to intelligent legislation and where it is being held hostage and determine what the cost will be to ransom it free? Poverty need be entirely eliminated along with the illegal worker caste. All people working in America need to be legal and receive equal rights. Stopping illegal immigration is required for that to occur, and everyone that has been in the United States for a year should be made a legal resident or leave. If the U.S.A. is not to evolve into being a Banana Republic without bananas it needs to be sovereign for-itself, in-itself with everyone above board on a legal sheet of music.





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