L.A. Lakers should stay cool; let Westbrook play out contract

The L.A. Laklers shouldn’t try to find an instant winning player able to catapult them to a championship…that simply isn’t going to happen. Russell Westbrook has one year to go on a fat contract and since he tended to fail to meet the expectations of those who engineered his trade and the Lakers are rather maxxed out on what the league allows a team to spend on player wages they need patience. Next year happens too and the Lakers need to keep all of their high. draft choices to get young quality players.

The Lakers have lots of entertaining players including Anthony and James so enjoying watching a good year without expecting a championship contender is reasonable. Seeking to trade away first and second round draft choices and pretty good back up players to get insufficient player quality in return is comparable to having a broken leg casted and taking it off too soon and rebreaking it…then keeping that up year after year,

A very talented manager can swindle a bad package for a good player sometimes. Smetimes it is necessary to wait. James and Anthony will still be around next year and this year some of the younger player might be developed looking ahead to building a complete team next year. Maybe the Lakers should have a two-year plan instead of a very short-sighted one year plan that need be done in a month.





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