Drones Are Making a New Kind of Vast Trench War Upgrade

One might wonder if the Ukraine-Russian war is more than a testing ground for new weapons. The United States, Turkey and other N.A.T.O. countries have supplied copious weapons to Ukraine including combat drones and Multiple Launch Rocket Systems like HIMARS that have changed the way wars are conducted. Drones and other advanced tech combat systems are good business for manufactures so the war may alter the shape of global economics somewhat as China too makes drones for combat and sale and make seek to display its product line in the Ukraine conflict.


The United States provides intelligence to Ukraine military with surveillance I suppose- even live from the Pentagon and viewing images of drones surveying battlefields and landscapes provides the remarkable transparence of cover to flying drones that enfilade (expose) locations of opposition force vehicles for targeting. Ukraine supplied Russia many drones that had control bugs; Russia presently hasn’t got the kind of air and targeting drone power that Ukraine has via N.A.T.O. providing a significant advantage to Ukraine’s military.

Even so the Eastern front seems to be a modern quarter nation size trench war reminiscent of W.W. I with drones enabling a large scale quagmire that makes conventional advances challenging. Troop concentrations seem especially endangered with the live drone surveillance and instant attack capability of HIMARS from 50 miles away. The Chinese, American and Iranian economies may receive a boost from drone sales in protracted war in Ukraine, and other nations will be learning the values of drones and HIMARS technologies at de frapping invasions, counter-attacks or concentrations of troops or equipment.

It would be a positive change if Professional Peace Contractors able to innovate salubrious settlements to armed conflicts were as common as Private Military Contractors. It is certain that the Biden administration and Democrats couldn’t accomplish the equivalent of fighting their way out of  a wet paper bad I the field of procuring peace and mutual prosperity for two rather similar belligerent peoples that will need to live together again for business and progress eventually. Democrats prefer conflict to progress, and may believe they are fighting a new style of civil war domestically, since the red states (Republican) are located in many of the former confederate states from long ago.





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