Labor Day; Union of the States

Labor day is a celebration of the American worker. A day of rest and reflection upon the year’s tasks before the seasons ahead. The nation was built with yeoman farmers and workers’ self-employed individuals engaging in free enterprise. Ingenuity grew with so many proprietor hands-on farms and shops. When mass production grew workers became alienated from ownership as they became employees to manufacture product.

While slave labor developed much of the southern states economies and convict labor followed the end of slave labor continuing right up to the 1930s, northern and western workers faced their own challenges as laborers without ownership of manufactures. The labor union movement allowed workers to reduce some of their alienation from ownership inasmuch as they could negotiate a better wage collectively.

Labor unions during the American period of industrialization served to create a better life; a more fair wage scale in compensation for being alienated entirely from product and profit. In the post-industrial and post-Cold War 1.0 economy labor unions evolved into obsolescence as corporate management develop a variety of ways to cut the wages of labor to increase corporate profits, including making work part-time, contract, eliminating pensions and job security. Jobs with good wages were eliminated and outsourced to foreign countries with cheap labor including China. India now stands a the shining nation on a hill with potential for cheap corporate profits through exploitable labor.

Job security has been one of the primary ways that people with low wages can slowly save and build capital. Job terminations from any cause sever the build and compel workers to spend their savings and capital assets until exhausted. Cheap migrant labor has made casual labor hard to find for decades. Union labor supports Democrat Party policies that flooded the nation with annual millions of under-the-table workers. Union labor leaders have their heads up their asses, and have been so postured for decades.

For several weeks I worked for a corporation in a union that was owned and operated by corporate management. In a way U.S. labor unions are also owned by Wall Street as pets of the rich that can be tolerated yet haven’t any real clout. The schism between the structure of the national political economy and union leadership policy is so great that the interests of American workers are largely absent from union politics. Union labor leaders support policies that harm American workers.

The public tends to regard unions as being top-heavy toward government workers and others with above-average middle class wages. One thinks of the air-traffic controllers union, the screen actors union that Will Smith was kicked out of for slapping a guy making a joke about his wife, and broadcast media unions that enable broadcasters to have lavish lifestyles and use radio as an information intercom to persecute poor Americans if they feel like it. Unions seem to be part of a national insider caste system that work to exclude targeted Americans from economic security and prevent free enterprise beyond the domination of Wall Street and union lackey stooge hirelings.

For a nation too happy to pay $5 dollars for a cup of coffee with frappe on it it is logical that unions would form for coffee brewers and servers. Millions of poor Americans still have no health insurance. Millions of Americans still have no basic income of $10,000 a year. Tens of millions of Latino Americans are in the nation working illegally as an ad hoc union undermining the negotiating value of poor American citizens. That ad hoc Latino illegal worker union is also exploited. All workers in the U.S.A. should be lawful, pay taxes, have a guarantee of basic annual income from18 to death, have benefit of a national medical service for the poor, homeless and yearning to breathe free with alternatives to N.P.R. and no internet access.

This Labor day the union of states; the United States- ought to be concerned with making all illegal workers lawful residents directly and sealing the border against future illegal immigration.





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